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Worm Maggot
Health(ext.) 1
Biome Aurelian Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Worm Maggot is a common enemy found in the Aurelian Depths.


Worm Maggots, as their name suggest, are young Burrow Worms, which are large, predatorial annelids that are capable of quickly swimming or digging through the ground (hence their name). The Maggots, however, lack those abilities, instead slowly swimming towards its prey in large groups and being unable to dig through the ground.


Worm Maggots will commonly be found in large number, and will try to surround the submarine to repeatedly bite it. They attack very quickly, but deal miniscule damage each time. What makes them so dangerous is that they always appear in large groups, and together, they can quickly destroy any Submarine. However, they have the lowest amount of health possible for exterior enemies and are fairly slow, making it easy to kill them or outrun them.

Description Aurelian Depths
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