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Wedding Ring
Cost 6,000 Gold
Unlocked at Rank6.png Sailor 1
Damage 10
Share health till death do you part!
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Wedding Ring is an unique item that allows its holder to propose to another player by tapping them with the item. Afterwards, the other player can accept or deny the marriage. If they do accept, their Health will merge and be shared by both, meaning that damage or healing done to one of the spouses will also affect the other, and that if one of them dies, the other will die too. The Wedding Ring can also be used as a somewhat decent weapon, dealing damage that is roughly midway between the Wrench and the Pipe Wrench.


The Wedding Ring allows for an immense number of unique tactics, such as one of the two spouses continuously healing both of them by using a Bed while the other fights Enemies or fixes breaches, or allowing both to be healed if only one of them has a healing item, such as a Medkit, by using it on their betrothed. The Wedding Ring can also be used as a decent weapon, although it's generally not wise to try to kill a powerful enemy, such as the Lair Guardian using solely this item.

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