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The Weapon Control Console


The weapon control console needs to be powered by the Weapon Console and is used to control the Submarine's Turret. One player has to actively interact with it to damage exterior enemies. He is often named the Gunner, see Tutorial & Strategy Guide. It has 2 separate turret modes which can be switched by the gunner:


The Minigun is a reliable source of damage and most importantly completely free and recoilless. Even if you packed with torpedoes it's a good idea to keep them for bosses and dangerous enemies. Even not upgraded minigun is more than enough to deal with 1-2 weak or slow enemies if your gunner have a good aim,

Bots while mediocre fighters are pretty OP as gunners because while they can be confused by a charging enemies and sometimes pic not optimal targets, but they have perfect aim and know perfectly where enemies are. Also, it's your only source of damage if you tell the bot to shoot because they can't use canon which is another large drawback.


The cannon is the secondary turret state. It requires ammunition in the form of torpedoes. It deals large amounts of damage to any enemies caught in its explosion radius, but has a high recoil and requires constant reloads. Assigning two power points to the Weapon Power Console will increase the Torpedo Tubes available from 1 to 3. The Torpedoes can be upgraded with multiple different upgrades once they are found and picked up, all of which will add different, stackable effects.


  • E - Occupies and exits the console.
  • W, S - Rotates the Turret, allowing the gunner to aim at the enemies.
  • A, D - Switches between the Minigun and Cannon
  • Spacebar - Makes the turret shoot, provided the requirements are met


The following Upgrades affect the default turret.

List of Upgrades[]

Picture Name Effect
Oil Bottle Increases cannon rotation speed by 7%
Bullet Grease Increases bullet fire rate by an unspecified amount

Torpedo Upgrades[]

Upgrades improve the effectiveness of the torpedoes in different ways, and will help you fend off any enemies you come across.

List of Torpedo Upgrades[]

Picture Name Effect
Acid Tank Torpedo explosions leave an acidic cloud that will continously harm any enemy that comes into contact with it.
Homing Dish Directs torpedoes to curve at will towards the nearest foe.
Guidance Laser Protudes a bright red laser that aids aiming with precision.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Torpedo explosions leave an icy cloud that will slow any enemy that comes into contact with it.
Rocket Booster Increases Torpedo speed and gives direct hits an extra explosive damage boost.
Ammo Duplicator Duplicates Torpedoes when they are fired, but decreases their accuracy

Turret Modifiers[]

Turret types, when picked, will modify the Minigun in different ways, and will help you fend off any enemies you come across. They do not stack.

List of Turret Modifiers[]

Picture Name Effect
LongRangeRifle.png Long Range Rifle Allows the gunner to see further away from the submarine. Increases damage and decreases fire rate.
SpreadShotGun.png Spread Shotgun Fires more bullets per shot, at a high bullet spread. Decreases fire rate.
HarpoonGun.png Harpoon Gun Fires visible harpoons that are larger but travel slower than bullets. Harpoons pierce enemy armor and have higher damage and knockback.