We Need to go Deeper Wiki

We Need to go Deeper is a 2-4-player cooperative submarine rogue-like set in a Verne-inspired undersea universe. In the game, you and your crew must embark on many voyages into a mysterious undersea trench known as The Living Infinite.

To be successful in your mission, you and your crew will have to work together to pilot a Submarine, as only with your submersible in-tact will you be able to live to see the bottom of The Living Infinite..

The world of We Need to go Deeper was heavily inspired by the works of Jules Verne, with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in particular being a heavy influence on our game's universe. What would it be like to be a crew member aboard the Nautilus? To be exploring the deep, facing the wrath of a giant squid one moment, and uncovering the lost city of Atlantis the next?

Part of the goal is to provide players with a game world that will be enjoyable and exciting to explore. Throughout a single voyage through Deeper's randomized ocean, you could encounter anything from a band of submarine pirates, to an undersea cave full of Monsters and Treasure Chests, to an underwater civilization that may help or hinder you on your journey - depending on what kind of civilization they wind up being..