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Volcanic Depths
Layer 3
Light level Dark
Civilization Tiki Hub
Boss The Erupting Shell


The volcanic depths appears as one of the third water layers. It is fairly dark but has an abundance of light sources, in the form of fresh lava and boiling water flowing inside crevices of the walls or in the multiple vents. It has very a peculiar fauna that has adapted to survive in the boiling water, many of which developing extremely hard, rocky layers on top of their bodies, capable of deflecting even the mightiest of Torpedoes. Lava softly flows in between the rocks. The water is dark red, filled with soot. The boss is The Erupting Shell.


The water in the volcanic depths is extremely hot and when enough of it fills up a room, the water will start to slowly damage the players standing in it by boiling them alive, with violents gushes of scorching water accompanying said common events. It is highly advisable to never allow much water to fill a room, due to the fast damage they can do to anyone inside, and a Water Pump tends to be very handy in such occasions. Additionlly, ingesting enough of this scorching water may make you develop a Heat Stroke, making it much harder to breathe and move in this scalding environment.


Enemy Name Enemy Picture Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Vent Volcanic Depths Exterior
Tube Worms Volcanic Depths Exterior/Interior
Volcanic Shark Volcanic Depths Exterior
Volcanic Turtle Volcanic Depths Exterior
Volcanic Squid Volcanic Depths Exterior/Interior
Skin Fish Volcanic Depths Exterior
Thinker Volcanic Depths (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior
Sea Monkey Volcanic Depths Interior
Volcanic Boar Volcanic Depths Exterior/Interior/Cave
Volcanic Crab Volcanic Depths Cave


This biome's civilization is the Tiki Hub, a large Tiki Head populated by the enigmatic Tiki Statues.

Description Volcanic Depths
Enemies Roaming Enemies Volcanic Shark •  Volcanic Turtle •  Volcanic Boar •  Volcanic Squid •  Sea Monkey •  Skin Fish
Cave Enemies Volcanic Crab •  Volcanic Boar
Boss The Erupting Shell
Obstacles Vent •  Tube Worms
Civilization Hub Tiki Hub
Dwellers Tiki Statues •  Mana Tiki
Recruit Tiki Golem