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Since We Need to go Deeper was put through an Early Access process, the development of the game has been elaborately described by the developers in the change logs. This page lists all Versions of the game and the big change it went through. There are 3 kinds of updates: Monthly Updates, which are the largest and happen each month, Crate Updates, a now discontinued set of updates that happened between Monthly Updates, and Content Drops, which are very minor updates that happen every week and that sometimes come with small Previews on the next Monthly Update.

Major Updates[]

A list of all major updates, which are monthly updates and Crate Updates.

Version Name Major changes
1.4.0 The Atomique is Now Available! Added the Atomique to the game for anyone that has purchased its Downloadable Content.
1.3.0 The Atom Powered Update Added several new items, new cosmetics, a new Achievement, many QOL improvements, and an increase in time for Hazardous Fuel duration before dissapating. Also put an interior preview image for the upcoming DLC Submarine.
1.2.0 QOL Update #1 Overhaul to the connections system, Civilization shop names, obituary improvements, paperless chat, and two new Achievements. Also put an exterior preview image for the upcoming DLC Submarine.
1.1.0 The Awakened Update Added Awakened Mode and all of it's unique features, and the Acolyte Rank.
1.0.0 Version 1.0 Added an Intro Cutscene and bug fixes. All who bought the game during Early Access received a Buried Treasure Downloadable Content, which includes an artbook and soundtrack.
0.9.7 The Bottom Update Added the last boss, a related boss, and multiple optional endings.
0.9.5 The Eldritch Update Added the Final Biome and most of its contents, as well as some minor additions and fixes.
0.9.1 The Leftovers Update Added 3 new Enemies, two Secret Hats and multiple bug fixes and balance changes.
0.9.0 The Beastly Update Added 3 new Bosses, improved Enemy AI and fixed a myriad of glitches.
0.8.8 The Nuts & Bolts Update Focused on bug fixes and tweaks, as well as a new company website.
0.8.7 The Bond Update Added The Pale Whale, two new Items, two new Suit pieces, two new Enemies and reworked lobby UI, with added features.
0.8.6 The Chow Down Update Added The Sleepy Giant, partial controller support, and improved Boss arenas.
0.8.5 The Rough & Tumble Update Added the Poubelle and Civilization Doctors.
0.8.4 The Oily Update Part 2 Added new biome, enemies, civilization, and a new interior boss encounter.
0.8.3 The Oily Update Part 1 Added improved AI, damage overhaul, new Relics, new enemy, optimization, and improvements.
0.8.2 The Filthy Update Introduced Trash Hermit, added new Upgrades and introduced Backpack as requirement for picking a second item.
0.8.1 The Sturdy Update Introduced Player Ranks and a new Main Menu.
0.8.0 The Heavy Load Update Introduced Lairs and The Lair Guardian, one-way branches and Lavish Chests.
0.7.9 The Jimmy-It Update Introduced Torpedo Upgrades, Turret Modifiers and more setting options.
0.7.8 The Wham Bam Update Introduced dodge rolls, Baby Crabs and multiple combat changes
0.7.7 The Touch Crate Introduced new console UIs, restarted the Spring Event and added the Battle Royale "mode" (1st April fools)
0.7.6 The Sensations Update Added Tactical View, Linux support, in-game resolution options and a Secret hat
0.7.3 The Bug Crate Fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.7.2 The Civilized Update Added Civilizations and all related features, the Translation Book and fixed multiple bugs.
0.7.0 The Squishy Update Added the Aurelian Depths and all related enemies, added Bot Crates and started the first Winter Event.
0.6.7 The Grease Crate Added 2 new Bot types, improved 64 bit performance and added a Steam Invite option.
0.6.6 The Sudden Arrival Update Added mid-game joining, Discord integration, new relics in every biome, ingame tips, a command wheel, and various bug fixes.
0.6.5 The "I Need To Go Deeper" Update Added Crew Bots, the first Fall Event, and a couple of bug fixes.
0.6.3 The Squishy Crate Added the Quadken, swappable Turret modes and new beneficial Time Traveller actions
0.6.2 The Timely Update Added the Time Traveller and all related enemies, as well as Steam Trading Cards.
0.6.0 The Ramming Crate Added the Espadon and multiple bug fixes.
0.5.9 The Milking-It Update Improved Biome and Cave procedural generation, back-end data gathering, spawner Enemies, modifier fuel system and more attire.
0.5.8 The Splurge & Surge Update Added the Perle, voice chat, Fuel, the Purussaurus enemy, Batteries and more background wildlife.
0.5.6 The Fiddly Crate Added the Brig, Cloud saving, more setting options and started the first Summer Event.
0.5.5 The Handy Update Added 5 new Items, a Secret Item, 2 new Upgrades and improved Caves
0.5.4 The Booster Crate Added Power Switch and EMP, the Minigun and all changes made to accommodate it, Barrels, Elixirs and Secret cosmetics
0.5.3 The Nook and Cranny Update Added Relics and rubble, added a Leaderboard and fixed multiple bugs.
0.5.0 The Fully Loaded Update Added Requin, overhauled Cursed Waters, new Submarine tile sets, new cosmetics, and multiple bug fixes.
0.4.6 The Pumped Crate Added visual changes to interior combat, Mini-bosses, the Water Pump, UI changes, and new sounds.
0.4.5 The Hot and Heavy Update Added Volcanic Depths, new universal enemies, the Rivet Gun, new cosmetics, bug fixes, and balancing.
0.4.3 Lobby Overhaul Update Added massive lobby overhaul, bandwidth reduction, balance changes, and Blobfish hat for testers during the beta of this update.
0.4.0 (?) The Launch Update Added a new Elixir, rare Enemies, improved DM AI, a new boss, obituary stats, enemy knockback and multiple bug fixes.

Minor Updates[]

A list of all minor updates, which are Content Drops and miscellaneous updates. ("Visible Hotfixes" rarely happen and instead "Stealth Fixes" are usually implemented to fix bugs, and do not receive their own update)

Version Name Additions
1.4.0 Patch v1.4f2 Increased the drop rate of Dorian Gray's Attire to 100% and fixed an instance of the Snow Pet not appearing in the Catalog after being found.
1.4.0 Patch v1.4f1 Added a possible fix for the power switch getting stuck upwards following a Jellyfritz or Ghast attack, added a leaderboard for the Atomique, and removed Jellyfritz from causing the meltdown routine in the Atomique.
1.4.0 1.4 Arachnophobia Patch Added a Arachnophobia Mode, which when toggled on in the Accessibility Options window removes the legs of various spider-like creatures. Also set the default look of the chat to be darkmode/paperless.
1.4.0 1.4 Hotfix Fixed an issue where sound would not play in the intro cutscene.
1.3.0 v1.3f1 Patch Fixed Atom Ray causing network backup, atom projectiles colliding with bots, and allowed growing/shrinking to only be done at the wielder's behest.
1.3.0 Atom Powered Hotfix Fixed Atom Ray, Helm of Tomorrow, and Armor of Tomorrow not being available in the catalog.

Added some invisible ceilings and sound effects for the Atom Ray and the Jetpack.

1.1.0 v1.1.0f2 Patch Fixed an issue where buying Pets would purchase the wrong one, and other bug fixes.
1.1.0 v1.1f1 Patch Changed Wake Lantern price to 1,000 Gold instead of 10,000 and bug fixes.
1.0.0 v1.0.0f1 Patch Added safeguards to prevent certain issues and fixed multiple bugs.
0.9.7 Content Drop: Security Overhaul + Fixes Improved lobby security, fixed multiple bugs and added failsafes and rank backups.
0.9.7 Content Drop: Patching the Patches + Art Book Preview Fixed a few bugs, improved Discord integration and shared a sneak-peak to the upcoming artbook.
0.9.7 Content Drop: Bot + Block Tweaks + Intro Preview Made small tweaks to bots and blocking function, and shared a preview of the Intro Cutscene.
0.9.7 Content Drop: User Blocking + More Added blocking and reporting functionality, added curated Sub-biomes and fixed a multitude of glitches and issues.
0.9.7 Content Drop: Achievements & Fixes Galore Added 32 Achievements and fixed multiple issues.
0.9.7 Content Drop: Ending Tweaks Made multiple tweaks to the Last Boss, and fixed small bugs.
0.9.5 Content Drop: Dorian Gray Added the Dorian Gray enemy and its related Attire, as well as a new interior asset for the Time Fragment
0.9.5 Content Drop: New Bots + Update Preview Added new Crew Bot variants and a preview to the next major update.
0.9.5 Content Drop: New Critters + Sounds Added new Critters and sound effects for Meteor enemies.
0.9.5 Content Drop: Eldritch Elixir Added a new Elixir.
0.9.5 Content Drop: Cultist Rank + Final Expedition Added a new Rank, a new Attire and a new Civilization-like Expedition: The Nautilus, in addition to a visual change to the Translation Book.
0.9.5 Content Drop: Time Plague Added the Time Plague Affliction, and changed how Time Devourers and its spawns work.
0.9.5 Content Drop: Ghasts Added the Ghasts.
0.9.5 Content Drop: Madness Affliction Added the Madness affliction and made small changes to the light before Biome transition.
0.9.1 (April Fools) Content Drop: New Art Style + Update Preview "Reworked" the Art Style and showed a "preview" for the final Biome. (Nothing was actually changed, as it was an April Fools joke).
0.9.1 Content Drop: Velociraptor Added the Velociraptor.
0.9.1 Content Drop: Ancient Flu + Final Biome Preview Added the Ancient Flu and showed a preview for the final Biome.
0.9.0 Content Drop: Catfish + Newspaper Stories Added the Catfish and new Newspaper Stories.
0.9.0 Content Drop: Char Fish + Relics Added the Char Fish and new Relics.
0.9.0 Content Drop: Content Drop: Flounder + Relics Added the Flounder and 4 more Relics.
0.8.8 Content Drop: Fixer Upper #3 Fixed a few bugs and added custom data packet to assist mod support.
0.8.8 Content Drop: Fixer Upper #2 + Update Preview Fixed a couple of bugs and showed a sneak peak of next month's update.
0.8.8 Content Drop: Fixer Upper Fixed multiple bugs and made The Requin impervious to Giant Bubbles.
0.8.7 Content Drop: Traaaash Readded some Trash.
0.8.7 Content Drop: Aurelian Affliction Added the Golden Gift, an Affliction from the Aurelian Depths.
0.8.7 Content Drop: Optional Profanity Filter and New SFX Added an Optional Profanity Filter that can be toggled in the settings, as well as multiple new Sound Effects.
0.8.7 BONUS Content Drop: Harpoon Gun + Upgrades Added the Harpoon Gun and three new Upgrades.
0.8.7 Winter Event is Live + Free Merch Started the Winter Event, fixed some bugs, added a few balance changes and made a new custom fold figure available
0.8.6 Content Drop: Heat Stroke Added the Heat Stroke affliction.
0.8.6 Content Drop: Oil Affliction Added the Oil Drench and changed the name of multiple Biomes.
0.8.6 Content Drop: Trash Attire Added the Trash Suit and Trash Hat.
0.8.6 Content Drop: Lore Galore Added new Relics and Civilization dialog.
0.8.5 Content Drop: Plague Doctor Attire Added the Plague Doctor Mask and Plague Doctor Suit, as well as balance changes and bug fixes.
0.8.5 Content Drop: Mechanical Mines Added the Mechanical Mines.
0.8.5 Content Drop: Stargazer Added the Stargazer.
0.8.5 Visual Afflictions & Fall Event Added the Blood Sickness, visual effects for Afflictions and started the Fall Event.
0.8.4 Colorblind Chemistry Kit & Update Preview Added hidden effect and small visual changes to the Chemistry Kit, and a sneak peak at a new Submarine was shown.
0.8.3 Female Civilizations #2 Female Civilization Dwellers for the Whale Carcass, Barnacle Hive and Tiki Hub.
0.8.3 Female Civilizations #1 Female Civilization Dwellers for the Atlantean Ruins, Odobenus Ice Cave and Shipwreck.
0.8.2 Barnacle Assistant & Relics New skin for the Barnacle Assistant, new Relics.
0.8.2 Beautyful art new cover art (no ingame change)
0.8.2 Dental Pliers & Update Preview Added the Dental Pliers.
0.8.1 Gaseous Fish & Update Preview Added the Gas Fish.
0.8.1 Dress Duo Added the Mint Gown and Velvet Dress.
0.8.1 Speed-Run Timer Timer for measuring Speed-Runs.
0.8.1 Splitters & Update Preview Made Time Devourer mortal and added Time Devourer Splitters and Fragments.
0.8.0 Baby Duopus Added the Baby Duopus.
0.8.0 New Summer Event Hats 2 new Event Hats.
0.8.0 New Starfish Enemy Added the Starfish.
0.8.0 New Recruits + Balance Tweaks New Civilization Recruits: Yeti Crab and Tiki Golem.
0.7.9 Southern Belle Attire Southern Belle Dress, Souther Belle Hat.
0.7.9 Prospector Gear + NEW Item Prospector Attire, Prospector Hat, Pickaxe.
0.7.9 Celtic Attire & Update Preview Celtic Kilt, Tam O' Shanter.
0.7.9 Drunken Sailor & Update Preview First Mate Uniform, First Mate Cap.
0.7.8 The Copper Suit Copper Jacket, Copper Hat.
0.7.8 A Most Elegant Dress Elegant Dress.
0.7.8 Afro & Visual Fix Afro, Visual Fix.
0.7.8 Ninja Attire Ninja Suit, Ninja Mask.
0.7.1 Hotfix #14 Fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.5.4 Hotfix #13 Multiple balances, fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.6 The Beetles Update Added the Beetles, an April Fools joke based on the band "The Beatles".
0.4.5 Hotfix #12 Improved VPN support, fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #11 Fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #10 Improved connection making, and fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #9 Fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #8 Added Mac support and fixed a few bugs and problems.
0.4.2 Hotfix #7 Improved connection making, and fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #6 Small LAN fix.
0.4.2 The Valentine Update Added password protected lobbies, lobby chat, the Rose, new Hats and a new Elixir.
0.4.2 Hotfix #5 Small crash fix.
0.4.2 Hotfix #4 Fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #3 Fixed a multitude of bugs and glitches.
0.4.2 Hotfix #2 Small connection fix.
0.4.2 Hotfix #1 Multiple Network stability fixes.
0.3.9 (?) Spooky Halloween Update Added Dark Depths and all related enemies.