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Treasure chests are found in caves in all depths. There are currently 3 kinds of treasure chests. Any player can open a treasure chest by pressing 'E' (default key). When opened, they will drop their respective loot.

List Of Treasure Chests[ | ]

The following are the treasure chests found in The Living Infinite.

TreasureChestRefurbished Wooden Chests[ | ]


Regular Treasure chest as found in-game.

Wooden Chests are found scattered throughout caves. They are wooden chests reinforced with some yellow material on it's borders.

When opened, a Wooden Chest will 'drop' a random reward and/or spawn an enemy. The chances of their reward drops are based on multiple factors, such as the length of the cave, and the condition the crew is in (better rewards are given to struggling crews, for example); thus, there are no definitive odds.

Possible Loot From Treasure Chests
Loot Amount Chance of Drop
Coins Small, Medium, Big, Huge Very Likely
Enemy: 1 small enemy Very Unlikely

LavishChestPreview Lavish Chests[ | ]

Lavish Chest

Lavish chest as found in game

Lavish chests are found at the end of caves in all depths. They are large golden chests adorned with rubies.

When opened, the Lavish Chests will always 'drop' a pile of valuable rubies.

Possible Loot From Lavish Chests
Loot Amount Chance of Drop
Rubies Large Always

AztecTreasureChest Aztec Caskets[ | ]


An Aztec Casket as found in game

Aztec Caskets are "chests" that only appear during the Wrath of the Sun God event. They are large, decorated aztec caskets, where the mummified remains of the ancient aztec people were buried.

When opened, the Aztec Casket will either 'drop' a special Event Hat or release a vengeful reanimated Aztec Mummy

Possible Loot From Aztec Caskets
Loot Chance of Drop
Aztec Mummy Likely
Aztec Mummy (wearing an event hat) Very Unlikely
Large Pile of Gold Likely