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PowerSwitchMiddle.png This article is about the Trashed Jetpack. For the normal version, see Jetpack.
Trashed Jetpack
Cost N/A
Damage N/A
Repair N/A
This new character upgrade grants you state-of-the-art hovering technology! Fly around your foes like some kind of futuristic pest!
~ Update Description

General Description[]

The Trashed Jetpack is a Player Upgrade that once picked up, will add a jetpack to the player character's back and will allow them to fly when pressing the jump key. It can only be found in the form of a gift from the Trash Hermit. The Trashed Jetpack is similar to the normal Jetpack, but features a less gradual ascent upwards, and is generally harder to use. It is also slower to ascend with and has a lower maximum speed. Regardless, this item allows players to navigate normally tough to reach areas, such as parts of Caves or Undersea Lairs much easier, though not as easily as a normal Jetpack. Players can have both a Trashed Jetpack and a Backpack at the same time, removing the need to choose between the two.