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PowerSwitchMiddle.png This article is about the Toxic Waste. For the atomic version, see Atomic Waste.
Toxic Waste
Damage 10 per roll
These barrels of glowing sludge have quite the interesting effects for crew members that douse themselves in it. Emit toxic or atom-restoring explosions when you roll!
~ Update Description

General Description[]

Toxic Waste is a Player Upgrade that can only be found as a gift by the Trash Hermit. Upon picking it up, the player will be doused in toxic goo, which creates a toxic cloud whenever the player rolls. This cloud deals damage in a small area to any Enemies caught within the visible range. The damage dealt is high, and therefore is highly useful in combat. In addition, players can further enhance the damage output by rolling back and forth in a small area while continuously spamming the dodge key. Doing this allows for the buildup of multiple toxic clouds, which in turn deals massive amounts of damage to Enemies. Furthermore, Toxic Waste could be used as a makeshift Weapon for any players that lack one. Players can be doused in both Toxic Waste and Atomic Waste at the same time.