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A torpedo is a high damage projectile that can only be fired once loaded and if the Weapon Control Console is powered with at least 1 energy. You can find them in caves and in barrels under the ghost pirates civilization as torpedo ammunition bundles and access them from the Torpedo Dispenser, which also displays a handy counter to show how many you have left.

Once you got them you have to load them into the Torpedo Tubes. They do 10 damage to exterior enemies if they directly hit them and will also knock the enemy back. If an enemy is not directly hit by the Torpedo but is caught in it's explosion, they will take 5 damage.

Unlike the minigun torpedoes are limited in ammunition and have to be reloaded.


The Torpedo can be upgraded, adding multiple different effects. Below is a list of all upgrades that affect the Torpedoes.

A torpedo with multiple upgrades

Picture Name Effect
Acid Tank Torpedo explosions leave an acidic cloud that will continously harm any enemy that comes into contact with it.
Homing Dish Directs torpedoes to curve at will towards the nearest foe.
Guidance Laser Protudes a bright red laser that aids aiming with precision.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Torpedo explosions leave an icy cloud that will slow any enemy that comes into contact with it.
Rocket Booster Increases Torpedo speed and gives direct hits an extra explosive damage boost.
Ammo Duplicator Duplicates Torpedoes when they are fired, but decreases their accuracy