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The Requin
Hull 60
Shield No
Speed Slow
Weapons 2
Crew size 3-4
A larger, more militaristic vessel for the combat-savvy. Has two swappable weapons, but no shields.
~ Ingame Description


The Requin.png

The Requin is the second submarine in We Need to go Deeper. It offers two cannons, two torpedo dispensers and two beds but no shields. It is also essentially larger than The Crevette. The Requin starts with 60 hull points. Due to it's larger size and two turrets, it's often considered the submarine best suited to large crews. (Recommended Players: 3-4)

Introduction Update Notes[]

The bigger, bulkier, and well-armed Requin is now available for you to crew for your future expeditions! The Requin is a militaristic submarine meant for those with larger 3-4-man crews; armed with TWO cannons from the start, but without the shielding capabilities of The Crevette. Being bigger comes with its advantages of course, since The Requin also comes with two beds and more breathing space for when things get hectic.



The Requin relies on its two turrets to defend itself, as it lacks any shields and is very slow. It's important to take advantage of its offensive capabilities to prevent enemies from damaging the vessel too much. Its larger hull integrity and interior size allows it to sustain more damage, but constant repairs is also necessary for the crew's survival. As it cannot outrun most enemies, the use of Torpedoes to knock back enemies can be a viable strategy.


  • The Requin is impervious to Giant Bubbles, due to its large size.
  • Requin is French for the word shark