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The Meteor
Layer 5
Light level Dark
Boss The Ancient One
My dear colleagues, what I have witnessed cannot be described in our finite language. What lurks beyond the deepest threshold are sights that should remain unseen. Writhing horrors, extra-dimensional geometry, and blasphemous designs no benevolent ruler would ever see fit for existence. Turn back while you can.
~ An unknown voyager


The Meteor is the last biome, the last stretch. It is a place that defies reality, where unimaginable structures break the boundaries of our dimensions and tear their way into unspeakable universes, it is a place where inconceivable entities make their lair, where all sanity comes to an end and even the greatest minds are reduced to husks of madness tormented by the incomprehensible nightmares they witness. Should anyone ever reach this place, there is no hope left for them, no saving grace will ever rescue them from the insanity that will forever stalk them.


Nothing is known about this place, but guessing from its name it was created by a meteor landing on earth. There must have been an unknown material in said meteor that created the wretched beings that roam the biome. In fact, The Living Infinite could be a crater from the meteor.


The twisted fluid that fills the Meteor, the amniotic fluid of the indescribable beings that came from within, is something truly not of this earth, and no man or woman was ever meant to bear its touch. It is incomprehensible, the contact with the fluid sparking the most horrendous sensations to the mind, and God only knows what would happen to anyone unfortunate enough to drown on it... One thing, however, is for sure: such an experience would undoubtedly take a great toll upon their mind. Their only hope would be for a swift treatment, but that will only delay their inevitable demise, and that is something they would soon know extremely well.


A list of enemies that can be found in The Meteor:

Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Eldritch Pyramid The Meteor Exterior
Starborn The Meteor Exterior/Interior
Elder Thing The Meteor Exterior
Whisperer The Meteor Exterior
Eldritch Vessel The Meteor Exterior
Mad One The Meteor Interior
Dunwich Horror The Meteor Interior
Ghast The Meteor Interior
Shoggoth The Meteor Interior
Scholars The Meteor Space of Scholars


At the heart of The Meteor, in the bottom of The Living Infinite, lies The Ancient One, the progenitor as well as the undoing of mankind, the creator and destroyer of the world, trapped in eternal slumber deep inside the core of the meteor, until someone at last awakens it and releases doom incarnate upon the universe...


The Meteor has no civilization. There is no help to be gotten here. Should you ever reach this place, your fates are sealed, and no one will be able to save you from your inevitable demise. All that remains before confronting what lies in the bottom of The Living Infinite is but the rusty grave of the first crew to reach this place, a once majestic vessel, now a broken-down husk: The Nautilus, containing the last remaining supplies to be found and the remains of its once mighty crew, forgot to the time, and left untouched by even the horrendous beings that roam in this eldritch abyss.


Description The Meteor
Enemies Roaming Enemies Starborn (Starspawn) •  Elder Thing •  Whisperer •  Eldritch Vessel (Mad One)
Tear Enemies Dunwich Horror (Horror Spawn) •  Shoggoth •  Ghast
Boss (Miniboss) The Ancient One (Lunar Guardian)
Obstacles Eldritch Pyramid (Interdimensional Tear)
Locations Hub The Nautilus
Space Space of Scholars •  The Moon