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The Espadon
Hull 30
Shield No
Speed Fastest
Weapons 1
Crew size 2-3
Cost 25,000 Gold
Truly the design of a berserk madman, the Espadon has the highest speed, no shields and a front-side ram to pulverize enemy aquatic life.
~ Ingame description



The Espadon's speciality is that it has no shields and a front nose to damage enemies. It also is the fastest Submarine in the game and has a crawlspace to the control room to block off unwished visitors from the driver.

This submarine is unique due to its new method of inflicting damage - The "Nose" - And its peculiar interior layout, which requires crouching to access the Driving Console and that offers very little protection against floods.

Introduction Update Notes[]

That's right, a new Submarine has entered the mix, but this time, you better save up your bottom dollar for it! Introducing The Espadon a brand-new vessel equipped with a large sharp nose, made for piercing foes, and charging through obstacles like nobody's business! It's the fastest sub in the game so far, though speed comes at a price, for there are no shields equipped on this bad boy, so you better make good use of your offensive capabilities.



Freemankiller's Espadon Tactic:[]

I recommend to use this ship with 4 players. It can be a big mess if there's not enough mechanics. I recommend EVERY crew member to bring any kind of repairing item. You will want a skilled driver who uses the ship's nose to attack enemies, while dodging other attackers. You will also need a rapid-fire gunner and 2 people that are ready to fix anything. During boss fights the Captain and the Gunner should still stay focused (and the gunner reload at his own) while the other 2 people keep repairing. If you do not do that it's likely that your ship will get chaotic, especially in biomes where your entire submarine can become infested. If you have any other efficient tactics, feel free to edit them into this section!

Bob's Espadon Tactic:[]

NOTE: Good communication is key with this tactic

For this tactic to work, you're going to need 3 other players with you on the ship. You will need to equip the 2 players that will be situated around the ship either managing the engine room or loading torpedoes with a Monkey wrench and a Tesla Gun (Start with Monkey Wrench for both players and let me add that any decent weapon will do in place of the Tesla Gun, just ensure that the two people on repair have the better weapons the Tesla Gun is just ideal). While the ship is relatively small, it is always good to have the extra mobility to maneuver your way around the ship and get to repairing holes as quick as possible which the Monkey wrench allows, and the Tesla gun is very useful in combat situations, as the Time Traveler can screw you over quite easily with an influx of monsters, the reason the Tesla gun excels here, is because it has splash damage which helps clear out swarms of bees, and has just a lot of damage in general. One of the members that will be repairing should be situated down by the gunner reloading the Torpedoes whenever possible, and the other person on repair should be in the main room, closer to the engine room encase they need to manage the power differently, which can be crucial. The person that is shooting the gun should be equipped with a Rivet Gun and a Tesla Gun OR any decent weapon(Start with rivet gun on both gunner and driver). The Rivet gun is used for long-range repairing which is extremely useful since you don't want to stray too far away from the gun encase of emergency. The person driving should be equipped with a Rivet Gun and a Tesla Gun OR any decent weapon. The rivet gun might seem strange, however the driver should very rarely have to leave their driver seat to repair, and if they do have to the rivet gun can patch up a hole in one shot from a long range just to stop it from leaking. A VERY GOOD STRATEGY WHEN REPAIRING: Repair the holes and leave them as dents until all the holes are repaired so that the ship drains. Drowning is very common and very dangerous, and is usually the culprit for many deaths. Now for the gunner, as much as you want to go and repair, DONT. If there are no mobs around, sit very close to the gun and shoot holes the holes that you can. The only time you can get off and feel safe is when you haven't gotten past the 4th level yet or when you're in a cave. And keep in mind, you NEED to conserve your torpedoes, only use them against Time Devourer's and monsters that latch onto your ship. As for the people on repair. Focus the main room and the driver room more than anything so that they don't drown while they're doing their jobs, repair the engine room last. The ONLY time the person loading the gun should stop loading the gun, is when it's relatively safe outside, if you're being attacked by one or two small monsters, I'm sure the gunner can handle it with the machine gun. Also, if you stop loading the torpedoes, make sure you inform the gunner so they know to refill it. If you're being piled by multiple mobs, use your EMP, don't hesitate. Just make sure that there are no Time devourer's near you when you EMP otherwise you'll die.


Version 0.6.0: The Espadon is the first Submarine that the host would have to buy from the Catalog to use it. It was added from The Ramming Crate Update for 30k worth of Gold.

Version 0.6.2: The Espadon's cost was reduced from 30k down to 25k Gold.


  • Espadon is french for "swordfish"