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The Crevette
Hull 50
Shield Yes
Speed Medium
Weapons 1
Crew size 2-3
The mainstay vessel of all adventurers! A well-rounded and versatile vehicle with a single cannon and a distributed shielding system.
~ Ingame Description



The Crevette is the first of the Submarines in We Need to Go Deeper. It is a small, simple ship equipped with a basic Engine, Cannon, Light, and Shields. The Crevette starts out with 4 total Power nodes, and is designed to be very versatile, with decent stats but no particularly noteworthy characteristic.

It is intended to be manned with a two or three player crew.



The Crevette is decent in every aspects, and does not have any negative quirks, but also doesn't stand out in any way. To survive while in the Crevette, a smart use of shields, boosting and torpedoes will be key to reaching the bottommost biomes in one piece. Because of its stats, a more even power distribution tends to be favorable and effective, but that may change if you and your crew find many of the same Upgrades.

Additionally, as the Crevette's interior is divided somewhat evenly by the Ladder Room, it is great for repairmen to stay in that location while idle or using the Periscope, so that they are able to spot any leaks or dents much faster, thus repairing the vessel more efficiently.


  • The Crevette was the first and only submarine in the game for the first 3 years of development, and only changed in minor ways throughout before the developers decided it would be better to feature multiple subs instead of trying to make one perfect one. Its design was meant to evoke the best compromise between classsic cartoon submarine designs and the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues.
  • Crevette, is the French word for shrimp, though it is unclear whether this is intentional.