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The Ambassador
Health(ext.) 180 × Player amount
Biome Mechanical Abyss
Appearance Exterior

The Ambassador is the boss of the Mechanical Abyss.

Mechanical beings are nothing if not diplomatic, this fact being best exemplified by The Ambassador; a 100% well-meaning figure who will come aboard your vessel to greet your crew and convince you to stay. You do want to stay, don't you?
~ Version 0.8.4 Update Notes


The Ambassador is a gigantic, biomechanical cannon attached to an enormous metal foundation. It protects the exit to the Mechanical Abyss and prevent anyone from exiting, sending the Mechanical Emissaries, beings that it seemingly is able to control, into anyone that has managed to get past all other of the biome's defenses, to "recycle" their organic matter and transform them into one of their own.


The Ambassador will aim at the Submarine and periodically shoot compacted Mechanical Emissaries at it. It takes a long time to reload, but considering how powerful the Emissaries are, the crew will often be in constant battle inside the ship. Its security protection, Mechanical Turrets, lie scattered around its arena, and will provide the Ambassador fire support.


Park the submarine near the boss and assign the most well-armed crewmembers to a defensive position, to take care of The Emissaries. The gunner must not be interrupted, as he will have to continuously chip away at The Ambassador's health, and possibly shoot down Emissaries before they arrive. One last crewmember should constantly repair to avoid overflooding.

Description Mechanical Abyss
Enemies Roaming Enemies Mechanical Shark •  Mechanical Vessel (Mechanical Hunter) •  Nerve Beast (Awakened Mode only) •  Oil Spitter
Cave Enemies Mechanical Fish •  Trash Compactor
Submarine Interior Enemies Mechanical Hunter •  Trash Compactor
Boss The Ambassador •  (Mechanical Emissary)
Obstacles Mechanical Eye •  Mechanical Turret •  Mechanical Mine
Civilization Hub Mechanical Dome
Dwellers Reborn Ones •  Repaired One
Recruit Mechanical Runt
Related Affliction(s) Drowning Oil Drench
Other Blood Sickness