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Tesla Pistol
Cost 9,500 Gold
Unlocked at Rank8.png Quarter Master 1
Damage 20-40
Invented by the famous inventor Nikola himself, the Tesla Gun packs an electric charge that can really deal some damage. Charge up and release powerful clusters of electric energy at your foes!
~ Ingame Description


The Tesla Pistol is a gun that weaponizes electricity. Unlike other guns, it can be charged by holding down the left mouse button, increasing its damage until the projectile is released by releasing the button or until it reaches the damage cap. Its charge time will slowly increase throughout it's use, reducing its effectiveness over time and making it a weapon better fit to be used early and later replaced by another.


Compared to other guns, the Tesla Gun initially has one of the highest DPS of any ranged weapon, being outperformed only by the Dynamite and possibly the Eldritch Staff, but can deal even higher DPS if the user charges the first shot before going into battle. Its effectiveness, however, reduces throughout its use, rendering it a poor weapon for extended use.

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