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Tesla Crank
Cost 10,000 Gold
Unlocked at Rank8.png Quarter Master 3
Damage 15-45
Become a mobile power supply!
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Tesla Crank is a tool that can be charged and subsequently used to temporarily boost the power in the Submarine Consoles, or used to damage nearby enemies with a smaller EMP. The longer you charge, the higher amount of power will be added into the Consoles, and the larger and more damaging the EMP will be. There are 3 charge points, and it takes 4 seconds for each to charge. The power added will last for 13 seconds regardless of how much it was charged, and the mini EMP generated deals 15 damage at 1 charge, 30 at 2 charge and 45 at 3 charge.


The Tesla Crank is an unique item, that is capable of helping power management, and is also capable of dealing heavy damage to enemies if it's allowed to charge. However, it takes a while for it to charge up, at which point you will be vulnerable and unable to do tasks such as repairing or loading torpedoes, as switching items will make it lose its charge. The player using it should be able to adequately judge whether or not it's worth to take the risk to charge longer, or to use up the available charge to be able to undertake different tasks, or assist the rest of the crew by providing a much needed power boost in dangerous situations.


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