We Need to go Deeper Wiki

Can you add another civilization?It will be named the "Lost Vessel".Regularly spawned Lost Vessels will always have 2 people inside with random names.Lost Vessels spawned by other destroyed crews will have the crew members inside with their names and bots inside will be broken and explorers can take their tools.And the Vessel will have the things on the ground scrambled everywhere.(Exp:Batteries,tools,Etc).When they are found,they will speak and join their crew with random items in their hands.If the person died empty-handed,they will hold the item in their backpack.They are similar to bots and are played by computers like the bots.


Nice suggestion, but this is not the place where suggestions should be posted: rather, could you post it in the Steam forums? There, the developers will be able to find your suggestion and respond. ADcrafter (talk) 16:18, 28 September 2018 (UTC)