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Cost 2,500 Gold
Unlocked at Rank9.png Diver 1
Damage 15
Heal 1
Perform healing blood transfusions with this medical marvel!

WARNING: Needles are sharp and sometimes hurt!

~ Ingame Description


The Syringe is a healing item which can also double as an decent weapon, at the expensive of the effectiveness of its healing and damage done, as it has mediocre damage and, although it heals 1 health per hit, it also has a 10% chance to cause 2 damage to your crew. Use wisely!


The Syringe works similarly to the Medkit, but is capable of dealing much more damage to Enemies, but at the cost of being unreliable for healing, as it will sometimes deal 2 points of damage to a crewmate, instead of healing them. Due to that, the Syringe must be used carefully, as attempting to heal anyone with under 3 health can result in their accidental death.

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