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With attire you can customize your character and suit him more for your diving mission! Most of them can be purchased in The Catalog once unlocked through ranking up.

Much of them are still missing on this list and to be added by another community member.

List of Attire[]

Picture item name Description how to unlock Attire cost Introduced
SUITpoor.png Poor Suit (?) N/A Unlocks at rank:
Land Lubber 1
Free cosmetic
https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:GentlemanSHIRT10.png Dapper Vest This colorful vest-suit combo is perfect for just about any occasion! Unlocks at rank:
Land Lubber 1
800 Gold
Prison Garbs Straight from the Brig - these garbs will showcase your hard-tacked side. Unlocks at rank:
Land Lubber 2
500 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Male Shirt Farmer.png
Farmer Attire For those who don't mind getting their hands dirty. Unlocks at rank:
Land Lubber 3
600 Gold 0.5.9

August 9, 2017

SUITgunslingerClothes.png Gunslinger Clothes Straight from the Wild West, these rags will show your foes that this town ain't big enough for anyone but you. Unlocks at rank:
Land Lubber 4
600 Gold
SUITsafari.png Safari Suit Tame the wild with this classic explorer's safari suit! Unlocks at rank:
Land Lubber 5
450 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Neutral Shirt RainCoat.png
Rain Coat Keep the rest of your body safe from falling water! Goes best with a Rain Hat! Unlocks at rank:
Deck Swab 1
500 Gold 0.5.0

April 14, 2017

GentlemanSHIRT20.png Mountaineer Clothes Some sturdy hunting clothes for mountain men and women alike! Unlocks at rank:
Deck Swab 2
800 Gold
SUITClownOutfit.png Clown Outfit Be the life of the party with this stylish and humorous Circus Clown costume! Unlocks at rank:
Deck Swab 3
1200 Gold
SUITbarbershopQuartet.png Barbershop Quartet Suit Sing, sing, sing your heart out with this classic musical attire! Also suits barbers. Unlocks at rank:
Deck Swab 4
800 Gold
SUITsailor.png Scalawag Outfit Dress for the high seas, scalawag! Unlocks at rank:
Lackey 1
700 Gold
Chef Attire Only for masters in the culinary arts or for local butchers. Unlocks at rank:
Lackey 3
1,000 Gold
SUITBoxingUniform.png Boxing Uniform Get those fisticuffs up and ready to rumble with these state-of-the-art boxing pants! Unlocks at rank:
Lackey 5
600 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Lady Shirt BelleDress.png
Southern Belle Dress Southern elegance summed up in this lovely dress. Unlocks at rank:
Cabineer 1
2,700 Gold 0.7.9

Content Drop June 04, 2018

SUITbaseballUniform.png Baseball Uniform Dress to WIN in these authentic American sporting uniforms! Unlocks at rank:
Cabineer 2
800 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Lady Shirt GreenDress.png
Mint Gown A classy but experimental dress made from pure mint-leaf. DO NOT EAT. Unlocks at rank:
Cabineer 3
2,700 Gold 0.8.1

Content Drop July 30, 2018

SUITWarChiefAttire.png War Chief Attire Dive into battle with this traditional Native American war chief attire! Unlocks at rank:
Cabineer 4
1000 Gold
SUITPlaidDetectiveJacket.png Plaid Detective Jacket This mathematical plaid number will show the world you really know how to deduce. Elementary my dear. Unlocks at rank:
Crewmate 1
5000 Gold
SUITRingLeaderAttire.png Ring Leader Attire The suit for those with a sense of showmanship! Unlocks at rank:
Crewmate 4
2,500 Gold
SUITFancySuit.png Fancy Suit Adventure in style with this classy sea blue suit and tie. Only for the fashionable. Unlocks at rank:
Crewmate 5
1,500 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Lady Shirt RedDress.png
Velvet Dress An aristocratic floor-length gown made from the finest man-eating plant fibers. Unlocks at rank:
Crewmate 5
2,700 Gold 0.8.1

Content Drop July 30, 2018

Lady Shirt PurpleDress.png
Elegant Dress An elegant floor-length gown made from the finest giant spider silk. Unlocks at rank:
Sailor 1
2,700 Gold 0.7.8

Content Drop May 01, 2018

SUITmilitaryUniform.png Military Uniform A uniform for a patriotic war hero. From a real war! Unlocks at rank:
Sailor 1
2,000 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Male Shirt ProspectorSuit.png
Prospector Attire GOLD! Sweet sweet GOLD!! Is what you'll be saying once you don this classic attire. Unlocks at rank:
Sailor 3
1,200 Gold 0.7.9

Content Drop May 28, 2018

SUITRoyalGuardOutfit.png Royal Guard Uniform There has never been a better uniform for guarding palaces,

kings, queens, or indeed submarines!

Unlocks at rank:
Sailor 4
3,000 Gold
SUITPirateUniform.png Pirate Uniform Make a life for yourself. A pirate life! With this outfit approved by Black Beard himself. Unlocks at rank:
Buccaneer 1
2500 Gold
SUITpoliceUniform.png Police Uniform Lay down the law with this official British police uniform. It's not illegal to wear we swear. Unlocks at rank:
Buccaneer 2
1,500 Gold
ScienceJacket.png Science Jacket The world thought you mad, but prove them wrong once and for all with this PHD approved science jacket! For science-ing! Unlocks at rank:
Quartermaster 1
2,000 Gold
SUITcourtOfficialAttire.png Court Official Attire This official court attire from China will show your crew just

how serious you are about keeping order!

Unlocks at rank:
Quartermaster 2
2,500 Gold
SUITBallerinaTutu.png Ballerina Tutu For the graceful, majestic and acrobatic. Unlocks at rank:
Quartermaster 3
1,200 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Neutral Shirt Kilt.png
Celtic Kilt This traditional Celtic attire puts the plaid in.... plaid! Unlocks at rank:
Diver 3
2500 Gold 0.7.9

Content Drop May 21, 2018

link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Male Shirt FirstMate.png
First Mate Uniform Nautical uniform suitable only for the drunkest of mates, the First Mate! Unlocks at rank:
First Mate 1
6000 Gold 0.7.9

Content Drop May 14, 2018

link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Neutral Shirt NinjaSuit.png
Ninja Suit This stealthy attire will ensure others' of your sneaking prowess. Unlocks at rank:
First Mate 3
8,000 Gold 0.7.8

Content Drop April 16, 2018

link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Neutral Shirt GrassSkirt.png
Grass Skirt Found off the shore of a Mysterious Island - it appears to be fashioned from undersea volcanic plant-life. Unlocks at rank:
First Mate 4
10,000 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Neutral Shirt PigeonSuit.png
Pigeon Suit ....Who wouldn't want to be a pigeon? Unlocks at rank:
First Mate 5
11,000 Gold 0.5.0

April 14, 2017

Naval Uniform This official Sea-Faring uniform is a true mark of a professional. Unlocks at rank:
Captain 1
8,000 Gold
Decapodian Costume Fool your friends into thinking you're a horrible Decapodian monstrosity when they see you in this number! Unlocks at rank:
Captain 4
20,000 Gold
link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Neutral Shirt CopperJacket.png
Copper Jacket Created by a mad fashion genius, this copper jacket is a stylish as it is uncomfortable. Unlocks at rank:
Captain 5
20,000 Gold 0.7.8

Content Drop May 07, 2018

Plague Attire A century old doctor's attire, meant to protect against plague. It didn't do a great job. Unlocks at rank:

Diver 1

15,000 Gold 0.8.5

November 6, 2018

Wedding Suit Make your wedding day special with this penguin-skin tuxedo. Unlocks at rank:

Sailor 1

50,000 Gold 0.8.7

December 11, 2018

Wedding Dress Make your wedding day special with this fine eggshell-white dress. Unlocks at rank:

Sailor 1

50,000 Gold 0.8.7

December 11, 2018

Mad Church Attire Symbolic robes worn by the members of the Mad Church. Unlocks at rank:

Cultist 1

10,000 Gold 0.9.5

May 9, 2019

Neutral Shirt AtompunkArmor.png
Armor of Tomorrow A heroic armor from some far flung atom age. Unlocks at rank:

Acolyte 2

20,000 Gold 1.3.0

November 28, 2020

Trash Suit N/A Rare drop from the

Trash Hermit

0 Gold 0.8.6

November 19, 2018

Dorian Gray's suit N/A Rare drop from

Dorian Gray

0 Gold 0.9.5

June 3, 2019

link=https://weneedtogodeeper.gamepedia.com/File:Headless Horseman Attire.png.png
Headless Horseman Suit N/A Found during

Fall event

0 Gold 0.8.5

October 15, 2018

Neutral Shirt Settler.png
Settler Suit N/A Found during

Fall event

0 Gold Fall event 2021

October 9, 2021

Fairy Suit N/A Found during

Winter event

0 gold 0.8.7

December 17, 2018