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Relics are found inside Rubble in different biomes. The most part of it is just a trophy but there are relics which can be used to unlock some secrets (which won't be displayed in this page so it doesn't spoil the pleasure of discover it by yourself). Additionally, many of them contain parts of the Lore. In the current game there is 26 relics to be found, with aureylian depth only having 2 unique relics.

List of relics[]

Atlantic Waters[]

AtlanteanWarriorStatueRelic.png Warrior Statue

A degraded statue of a fish-like humanoid. Its posture and expression seem to denote a heroic societal role, such as that of a warrior.

AtlanteanKingStatueRelic.png King Statue

It appears to be a statue representing a wise but weary King; Albeit one of a very fishy variety. Its bottom half appears to be missing, though whether the concept of a bust is known to the civilization that created this statue is unknown.

AtlanticDecapodianBust.png Seaweed Sculpture

A sculpture fashioned out of Seaweed and makeshift rope, which appears to depict the top half of a humanoid Decapod. Crude at best, but it would fetch a high price at an art gallery.

Frozen Waters[]

FrozenMonster.png Frozen Creature

A strange creature encapsulated in ice. It's hard to make out the details of this.. thing, but whatever it is, it certainly doesn't look pleased with its current situation.

FrozenWalrusRelic.png Tusked Skull

A strange humanoid skull with large protruding tusks and walrus-like features is partially embalmed in ancient ice.

FrozenTravellerRelic.png Frozen Traveller

A long-dead traveller's remains lie scattered and preserved in this icy tomb. It would seem this particular fellow has been dead for a long while now; though the cause of his demise is anyone's guess.

Cursed Waters[]

CursedGoldMold.png Moldy Gold

A strange moldy substance seems to be taking over this pile of Gold. If you're quiet, you can almost hear dark whispers through its slimy pustules.

VoodooFetish.png Wooden Doll

A humanoid figure fashioned out of an aged rotten wood and cloth. Imbued in its head is a strange glowing gem, which doesn't seem to be removeable. The figure exudes a rather disturbing essence.

ShrunkenHeadRelic.png Shrunken Head

A human head shrunken and shrivelled by unknown means. Conveniently portable. It exudes a frightening aura.

Infected Depths[]

BarnacleBeakerRelic.png Swan Neck Flask

A classic Pasteur-styled flask filled with a pungent, heterogeneous purple fluid. Initials "VFS" are engraved on the underside.

SyringeSampleRelic.png Syringe Sample

A barnacle-covered syringe that appears to contain an opaque purple fluid within. The side of the syringe is labelled "Viral Sample B2-4."

PreservedBarnacleCrab.png Preserved Barnacle Specimen

A tightly sealed, barnacle-encrusted jar containing a preserved Barnacle Crab. It appears to be much smaller and more docile than normal; The side of the jar is labeled "Specimen B2-4"

Dark Depths[]

FeejeeMermaidRelic.png Petrified Mermaid

The petrified remains of what appears to be some kind of Mermaid-like female/fish hybrid. Legends say Mermaids would seduce sailors with their sultry wiles and bosom; Looking at this thing, it's clear the legends must be entirely hogwash. Oddly enough, its teeth smell of Fiji cuisine.

MeatIdolRelic.png Meat Idol

A statue fashioned out of what appears to be various kinds of fish, snail, and whale meat. It vaguely resembles a lamprey; though its purpose is anyone's guess.

DryBlobfish.png Blobfish Husk

This former Blobfish looks shriveled and hollow, as if something had recently sucked out all the juices from its body.

Volcanic Depths[]

GapingStatueRelic.png Gaping Statue

An ancient humanoid stone head with its mouth permanently agape. A rhythmic beat can be heard echoing within.

SeaMonkeyIdolRelic.png Sea Monkey Idol

A stone idol representing Volcanic Wildlife - in this case, a Sea Monkey. It appears to be centuries old at least, going off of its degradation and newfound vegetation.

TikiTotemRelic.png Tiki Tokem

A small totem pole representing three unknown figures - a humanoid on top, an ape-like creature in the middle, and an unknown entity on the bottom.

Aurelian Depths[]

DriedJellyfishRelic.png Rotten Jellyfish

The rotten preserved corpse of what appears to be a certain species of Jellyfish. Its skin is gelatinous, yet leathery and tough.

JellyCrystalRelic.png Jelly Crystals

Crystals forming out of a rough, jelly-like substance. They are coated in a thin layer of translucent goo, and have a faint, but energy-driven glow to them.

Ancient Abyss[]

PrehistoricHumanFossil.png Human Fossil

It appears to be the fossilized remains of a human; Perplexingly, its bone structure doesn't appear to deviate in the slightest from that of modern-day humans.

EldritchStaffRelic.png Encased Staff

It appears to be an elongated geometric object encased in stone. On its surface is etched several symbols of unknown language or origin, but below that, a phrase: <secret>

ToothFossilRelic.png Fossilized Teeth

Monstrously large teeth larger than any man are encased in this ancient stone fossil. Upon closer inspection, it would appear they were discarded baby teeth.

Mechanical Abyss[]

AmbrosiaTank.png Liquid Tank

A large metallic tanker filled with a black liquid that seems to "boil" and move inside despite the tank's cold temperature.

BirthMachine.png Preservation Unit

A haunting glass containment of what appear to be human-like infants with strange deformities. They are suspended in a strange liquid that seems to be preserving them in a sleep-like state.

MechanicalHeart.png Mechanical Heart

What appears to be an artificial heart, though parts of it are soft and fleshy despite its metallic appearance. It still beats, secreting an oily black substance.