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Rivet Gun
Cost 5,500 Gold
Unlocked at Rank6.png Sailor 1
Damage 5
Repair 30
Repair leaks and dents from afar with the amazing Rivet Gun! Warning: Do not point at face.
~ Ingame Description


The Rivet Gun is a tool that is used to repair dents and holes from a distance. It fixes most holes and dents with one shot, but it's not very useful in combat.


Compared to other repair tools, the Rivet Gun is undeniably the quickest at repairing by default. However, it benefits much less from repair potions, as the wielder will need 6 repair potions to decrease the time needed for it to repair a hole - from 2 to 1, making repair potions less useful. Additionally, it requires accurate aiming, cannot hit multiple dents or leaks at once and is arguably the worst item for being used as a weapon. This makes the Rivet Gun the best repair tool at the start (particularly if used by a skilled player) but a mediocre item after a while.

Dev description[]

An Engineer's Best Friend! This bulky fella can repair leaks and dents from a distance, and a good one at that - though it's not advised for use in combat - the rivets it fires are known to mostly annoy enemies more than it harms them.

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