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Power Sword
Cost N/A
Damage 150(?)
It speaks through the crystals! I must have more, I must have its power.
~ Mary Fairweather

The Power Sword is a high damaging sword only found in Awakened Mode. It can be found in game, but sadly it cannot be unlocked. It is capable of killing most Enemies in one or two hits, signifying it's great power.

Discovery Method[]

To find this weapon players must be in Awakened Mode. Every time a player is grabbed by The Shambler there is a chance that they will be taken to the Power Dimension. There will be two Power Aliens there. Killing either one of them has a guaranteed chance to drop the Crystal Sword. Only one needs to be killed for the sword to drop. Power Aliens have high health, so an already decent weapon is required to kill them. When near the player, they will deal damage to them. Thus, it is advised to use a ranged weapon to kill them.


  • When asked for quote for the Power Sword from the developers, the first response was "Ravioli, ravioli, give me the power-oli."

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