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Cost 2,500 Gold
Unlocked at Rank7.png Buccaneer 4
Damage 7
Repair 7
Heal 1
Repair and heal with this handy dental tool! Warning: This may hurt a little.
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Pliers are a multi-purpose item that allows the user to repair, fight and heal crewmates, but with poor effectiveness. When used to heal a crewmate, it will sometimes deal 2 damage to them instead of healing, similarly to the Syringe, making it an unreliable healing item that can be fatal if used on crewmembers with very low health.


The Pliers is one of the weakest repair tools, a poor weapon and an unreliable healing item. Its greatest use is the fact that it can do everything, allowing its user to be less reliant on their crewmembers when it comes to do multiple tasks. It is a great item for the early game but is less effective once the player acquires a Backpack and a specialized item.

Version History[]

0.8.2 - Content Drop 13.08. Introduced Pliers to the game

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