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Pickups/Upgrades and other items are normally found in Caves, and can also be found on sale at underwater Civilizations.

Potions[ | ]

Potions are pickups dropped rarely by Barrels or sold at Civilizations, and they either increase greatly one stat specified by the Potion. However, one of them will instantly damage and potentially kill the player who drinks it. As such, identifying Potions is important to avoiding a mishap. Furthermore, some Potions might be more beneficial to some players than others.

If the host of the lobby drinks a Damage Elixir, Repair Elixir, or a Eldritch Elixir, the respective added damage and repair Stats will benefit any Crew Bots or hired Mercenaries. For Bots and Mercenaries, other Stats like breath and health will not be altered even if the host drinks a respective Potion.

List of Potions[ | ]

Picture Name Effect Potential Source(s)
Max Health Potion Increases maximum health
(+2 Maximum Health Points)
Barrels found in Caves, Civilizations, Dinner Sequences (halved effect), Trash Hermit.
Damage Potion Increases max damage
(+5 Damage points per hit)
Repair Potion Increases max repair
(+5 Repair points per hit)
Breath Potion Increases max breathing time
(+2 Seconds before drowning)
Barrels found in Caves.
Eldritch Elixir Increases Damage or Repair
(+10 Points per hit),
but reduces maximum health
(-5 Maximum Health Points)
Poison Instant Damage
(-10 Health Points)
Barrels found in Caves, Trash Hermit, The Nautilus.

Player Upgrades[ | ]

Player Upgrades include various items that add new abilities to the player's character. They can be found in Caves, Undersea Lairs, Civilizations, or given by the Trash Hermit.

List of Player Upgrades[ | ]

Picture Name Effect Potential Source(s)
Backpack Allows players to carry two items instead of one. Caves, Undersea Lairs, Civilizations, Trash Hermit.
Jetpack Allows players to fly.
Trashed Jetpack Allows players to fly, though worse than the normal Jetpack. Trash Hermit.
Toxic Waste Adds a damaging toxic cloud to the player's roll.
Atomic Waste Adds a repairing atomic cloud to the player's roll.

Pickups[ | ]

Pickups will help you on your way deeper or are optional loot (like gold). They are commonly found in caves.

List of Pickups[ | ]

Picture Name Effect Potential Source(s)
Torpedo Ammo Bundle Adds torpedoes to your submarine. Barrels found in Caves.
Fuel Adds Fuel to your submarine. Does nothing if the Fuel Tank is full.
Battery A battery can temporarily power a console with 1 energy. Caves, Civilization, Trash Hermit.
Gold Pile There are different amounts of gold piles scattered in caves, adding different amounts of gold to your loot. Dropped by Enemies, found in Wooden Chests and scattered around Caves.
Ruby Pile Ruby Piles are very valuable gems that add a considerable amount of gold to the crew's collection. Dropped by Lavish Chests.
Ruby Rubies add a small amount of gold to your loot. Randomly dropped by Enemies hit by a Pickaxe.
Gold Nugget Gold Nuggets add a very small amount of gold to your loot.
Pearl Pearls will add a large amount of gold to your loot. Dropped by Clams when killed.
Fish Meat Fish Meat restores 1 HP to the player who picks it. Randomly dropped by enemies when hit by the Butcher Knife.

Trash[ | ]

Trash is given by the Trash Hermit and serve no purpose other than littering the floor.

List of Trash[ | ]

Picture Name Description
Junk Book An old, ragged book. Its title is "Call of Cthulhu."
Junk Book 2 An old, ragged book. Its title is "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
Junk Book 3 An old, ragged book. Its title is "The Time Machine."
Junk Can A destroyed, rusty can.
Junk Sack An old, soaked sack. It's full of useless junk.
Rotten Apple A mostly eaten, rotten apple. Any players who touched will gain Sea Sickness.
Big Stacking Doll An aged Russian stacking doll. This one is the biggest.
Medium Stacking Doll An aged Russian stacking doll. This one is the second biggest.
Small Stacking Doll An aged Russian stacking doll. This one is the second smallest.
Smallest Stacking Doll An aged Russian stacking doll. This one is the smallest.
Jordan's skeleton A skeleton that shows that glasses are very fashionable, and are worth wearing even if you no longer have eyes in your sockets.
David's skeleton This skeleton makes it abundantly clear that all foreheads are not created equal.
Nick's skeleton A skeleton with hair like no other. But is that really a good thing?
Ryan's skeleton The skeleton of a rather quiet fellow. Maybe he didn't tell his crew about the Atlanteans in the sub.

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades help you to survive the Living Infinite by increasing a SubmarineStat. Upgrades are dropped by Crates, which are dropped when a Lair Guardian killed. They can also be sold at Civilizations or randomly gifted from the Trash Hermit. The Poubelle benefits more from most Upgrades. However, certain Upgrades are incompatible with specific Submarines. Some Upgrades can also be gathered multiple times while others cannot.

List of Upgrades[ | ]

Picture Name Effect Stack Amount Incompatibility (If Any)
Hull Upgrade Increases maximum hull by 10 points. 6 Compatible with all Submarines.
Oil Bottle Increases turret rotation speed by 14%. Affects all forms of the ship's guns. 2
Bullet Grease Increases bullet fire rate by an unspecified amount. Does not affect Torpedoes. 2
Fuel Tank Upgrade Increases fuel tank size, allowing the storage of more fuel. Completely refills the ship's fuel. 3
Toxic Fuel (Shop Item name) / Hazardous Fuel (Upgrade name) Turns the fuel into a deadly corrosive substance that will trail behind the ship whenever fuel is utilized. Does not refill the ship's fuel. 1
Engine Booster Increases engine speed by 10%. Causes the ship to still move slightly even if no power is allocated to the Engine Console. 3
Light Upgrade Increases the strength and radius of powered lights. Unlike most Upgrades, does not become more powerful in the Poubelle. 1 Incompatible with the Atomique due to it lacking a traditional Light Console.
EMP Power Cell Increases EMP damage by 1 Point per 0.3 seconds. 1 Incompatible with the Atomique due to it lacking a traditional EMP.
EMP Recharge Cell Decreases EMP recharge time by 33% and halves the console lockdown time. ?
Shield Recharge Cell Increases shield recharge speed by 14%. ? Incompatible with the Espadon and the Requin due to them lacking a Shield Console.
Shield Absorption Cell Increases maximum shield charge by 10 points for every shield power. ?

Torpedo Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades improve the effectiveness of Torpedoes in different ways, and will help fend off any Enemies the crew comes across. Each of these can be obtained from the same sources as other Ship Upgrades, however they can each only be acquired once.

List of Torpedo Upgrades[ | ]

Picture Name Effect
Corrosive Munitions Torpedo explosions leave an acidic cloud that will continously harm any enemy that comes into contact with it.
Homing Dish Directs torpedoes to curve at will towards the nearest foe. This includes potentially immobile and passive Enemies such as Seaweed.
Guidance Laser Protrudes a bright red laser that aids aiming with precision. Also affects the ship's regular gun.
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Torpedo explosions leave an icy cloud that will slow any Enemies that come into contact with it.
Rocket Booster Increases Torpedo speed and gives direct hits an extra explosive damage boost.
Ammo Duplicator Causes two Torpedoes to be fired each shot at around 30 degree angle. This can decrease accuracy.

Turret Modifiers[ | ]

Turret types, when picked, will modify the Minigun in different ways, and will help you fend off any enemies you come across. They do not stack; one will replace the current one once taken.

List of Turret Modifiers[ | ]

Picture Name Effect
LongRangeRifle Long Range Rifle Allows the gunner to see further away from the submarine. Increases damage and decreases fire rate.
SpreadShotGun Spread Shotgun Fires more bullets per shot, at a high bullet spread. Decreases fire rate.
HarpoonGun Harpoon Gun Fires visible harpoons that are larger but travel slower than bullets. Harpoons pierce enemy armor and have higher damage and knockback.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Potions used to give a random negative side effect in the form of a stat reduction. This was changed in the Drunken Sailor Content Drop.