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Cost 9,500 gold
Unlocked at Rank6.png Sailor 3
Damage 15
Mine sweet, sweet riches from the bodies of your enemies!
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Pickaxe is a rusty tool used for mining. It does, however, make for a great puncturing weapon. Additionally, it has an unique property: It has a chance to make enemies drop riches on hit.


The Pickaxe is not the most damaging weapon and does not have any properties that directly benefit the crew in battle. It does, however, make enemies sometimes drop GoldNugget.pngGold Nuggets and rarely Ruby.pngRubies upon hit, which may benefit a crew that has the intent of collecting large sums of money or that wishes to buy goods from Shops. Similar to the Butcher Knife, its unique ability makes it more useful when cleaning up corpses.

Special Ability[]

The pickaxe can make enemies drop loot worth Gold. Gold Nuggets are dropped with a chance of about 20% and worth 2 Gold. Rubies are dropped with a chance of about 5% and are worth 5 Gold. Although that doesn't seem much, a crew that relies on a pickaxe for dealing damage can amass quite some Gold!

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