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Cost 5,000 Gold
Unlocked at Rank11.png Captain 5
This bulky fella will let you expose your crew mates to the joys and wonders of classical music! Your whole team will appreciate your supportive tunes backing the score to them fending for their lives!
~ In-game description

General Description[]

The Phonograph, when held, will reproduce its song. Not only does it serve to calm your crew-mate's nerves, but its music is also appreciated by the Time Traveller, who may be encouraged to help your crew.


As the Phonograph is unable to deal damage and doesn't have any immediate uses, it's better used as a secondary item, and equipped by a crewmember that is constantly manning Consoles, such as the gunner or driver, as the Phonograph is one of the few items that can be used while the player is operating a console. This weapon is required to get one of the game's Endings.


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