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Oil Spitter
Health(ext.) 15
Health(int.) 30 (each tentacle)
Biome Mechanical Abyss
Appearance Exterior

The Oil Spitter is a common enemy found in the Mechanical Abyss.


The Oil Spitter is a peculiar biomechanical creature. Perhaps once a cephalopod, it has been converted into a horrifying being made of organic tissue intertwined and merged with machinery and metal, adapting its ink sacks to release oil instead of ink and moving them to the top of its mantle, allowing it to use it more offensively than its regular counterpart, assisting it to hunt by disrupting their prey's vision. Unthinking and unfeeling, they search through the Mechanical Abyss, seeking for intruders for them to eliminate and transform into biomechanical abominations like themselves.


When an Oil Spitter spots the Submarine, the creature will make a straight line for it, eventually releasing a burst of oil in the vessel's direction once its near enough, reducing the exterior field of vision of any Console or tool that allows the user to look outside. After spewing the oil, it will continue chasing the ship, and once it is very close, it will latch onto the sub, and disable the shields for as long as the squid is holding onto the submarine. Three wide, metallic tentacles will appear inside, and cause a rather large hull breach each. These tentacles will fall off after taking enough damage, and will move along the ground attacking anything near it. The Oil Spitter will not release the submarine until all tentacles are severed in the interior.

Description Mechanical Abyss
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Submarine Interior Enemies Mechanical Hunter •  Trash Compactor
Boss The Ambassador •  (Mechanical Emissary)
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Civilization Hub Mechanical Dome
Dwellers Reborn Ones •  Repaired One
Recruit Mechanical Runt
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