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Monkey Wrench
Cost 1,000 Gold
Unlocked at Rank7.png Buccanneer 1
Damage 7
Repair 7
Boost your acrobatic abilities with this genuine monkey wrench!
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Monkey Wrench is a is a variation of the wrench. The Monkey Wrench is able to deal 7 points of damage, the same as the original Wrench, however, only deals 7 points of repair, compared to the original Wrench, with 10. The Monkey Wrench, however, provides an agility buff and jump boost when it is being held. The Monkey Wrench costs 1000 gold.


The Monkey Wrench is has the same damage as a normal wrench but lacks its repair efficiency, being only as effective as the Pipe Wrench. The increased speed it provides may help you locate and get to holes quicker but the jump height increase may make it more difficult to fix the hole. Overall, it is a great utility tool for the speed boost but is less suited for constant repairs or fighting than other items.

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