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Micro Ephyra
Health(ext.) 6
Biome Aurelian Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Micro Ephyra is an uncommon enemy found in the Aurelian Depths.


The Micro Ephyra is a young cnidarian in its larval phase, and that will develop into a medusa. In The Living Infinite, however, ephyras will grow to great sizes before maturing into jellyfish - the reason for it being of the same size or larger than adult jellyfish - or, in rare cases, not mature at all, but continue to grow until death, managing to reach immense sizes.


The Micro Ephyra will barely move at all, and will periodically release balls of energy of two different colours: blue and red. If they hit the submarine, red balls of energy will cause damage and blue balls of energy will temporarily deactivate a random console.

Description Aurelian Depths
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Submarine Interior Enemies Crystal Boarder (Awakened Mode only)
Boss The Ephyra
Obstacles Jelly Crystal •  Lion Mane Jellyfish
Civilization Hub Jelly Temple
Dwellers Aurelias •  Blessed Aurelia
Recruit Essence
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