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Message Bottles contain letters which have never reached their destiny. They can be found inside Piles of Rubble, which are often encountered in Caves, and serve to detail the stories of multiple characters that delved into The Living Infinite, as well as many aspects of the game's Lore. There is at the moment 70 message bottles to be found in the game, these are:

Existing Letters[]

A Frozen Breeze

A Taxon of Rigid Nosed Sea Creatures

Beware Ye Who Passes

Bone Spell

Captain Rose Memoirs Day 1

Captain Rose Memoirs Day 2

Captain Rose Memoirs Day 3

Captain Rose Memoirs Day 4

Captain Rose Memoirs Day 5

Captain Rose Memoirs Day 30

Cease Your Ungodly Experiments

Dear Sandra

Do I Really Look Like That

Enough is Enough

Fly Legs

Guardian Breakthrough

Helmet Troubles

I Am A Crab Now Sandra

I Saw That Thing Today

Isolation of Miescher Nuclein from Barnacle

Living Proof is Down There

Loading Miescher Nuclein into Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Nobody Understands

NonNegotiable Bill of Negligence

Note to Self 12B

Note to Self 51

Note to Self 77

Note to Self 83A

Note to Self 93

Note to Self 112

Note to Self 120

Note to Self 172

Note to Self 235

Note to Self 298

Note to Self 432

Note to Self 777

Note to Self 8817

Note to Self N000

Note to Self N004

Note to Self N014

Note to Self N020

On Gradualism

Others Are Down Here

On Jellyfish Skin

Phyletic Radiation

Please Stop Sending Pigeon Goats

Research Spaces

Sandra I Miss You

Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 1

Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 2

Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 3

Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 4

Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 5

Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 6

So Many Naked Men 55

Someone Has Been Here

Something is Here


Stay Out

Strangulating Competition

Supply Storage

The Gem is Mine

The Gem Source

The Gem Sun Calls

The Search Continues

The Stories Are True

There Are People Down Here

They Called Me Crazy

This Must Stop

This Traveller