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Cost 2,000 Gold
Unlocked at Rank1.png Landlubber 3
Damage 1
Heal 1
Keeps your friends healthy and on their feet! A great asset for any team.
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Medkit can be used to heal teammates by hitting them with the item, and also allows the wielder to revive fallen teammates much faster. In addition, each time the Medkit heals, there is a 10% chance that the player being healed will be cured of any Afflictions they may have. This item, however, is incapable of being used to protect its holder, as it inflicts minimal damage to enemies and objects.


The Medkit is the best and most reliable healing Item, and is capable of quickly bringing a player back to full health, as well as quickly resurrecting dead crewmates. It is, however, a really poor item to be used as a weapon, and unless the player using it also posesses a weapon, they will have to rely on their teammates to be able to kill hostile creatures.

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