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Mechanical Turret
Health(ext.) 11
Biome Mechanical Abyss
Appearance Exterior

The Mechanical Turret is a common enemy found in the Mechanical Abyss.


The Mechanical Turret is a big, metallic structure with a turret section that is armed with three tubular cannons, resembling a trio of tall poriferans. It is firmly attached to the ground, but it's capable of rotating its turret, which it uses to shoot down any trespasser once in its sight, with the aid of a large laser that protudes out of its turret.


The Mechanical Turret surveils a large, conical area in with the aid of a large laser (similarly to the Upgrade) that protudes out of its turret. Once it detects a trespasser, it will start tracking it and periodically shooting at it, dealing high damage to them until they exit its range, get out of its sight or destroy the Turret. They are highly dangerous because their shots are nearly undodgeable and can only be protected by Shields, and large amounts of them can render it impossible to get past them without slowly destroying them. Additionally, it will sometimes shut down for a short amount of time, allowing for fast Submarines to go past it without having to destroy it or take damage.

Description Mechanical Abyss
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Submarine Interior Enemies Mechanical Hunter •  Trash Compactor
Boss The Ambassador •  (Mechanical Emissary)
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Civilization Hub Mechanical Dome
Dwellers Reborn Ones •  Repaired One
Recruit Mechanical Runt
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Other Blood Sickness