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Mechanical Emissary

BiomeMechanical Abyss

BiomeMechanical Abyss

The Mechanical Emissary is a rare enemy found in the Mechanical Abyss that is exclusively spawned by The Ambassador.


The Mechanical Emissary is a large, imposing figure, made purely out of a biomechanical material originating from organic matter interwoven with robotic components. Perhaps once a human (or multiple), it is now nothing more than a puppet employed by the Ambassador to forcibly transform any trespasser into a biomechanical being like itself, by killing them and "recycling" its matter in a grim process of "rebirth".


The Mechanical Emissary will be shot towards the Submarine by the Ambassador, while rolled into a compact ball. If the submarine manages to dodge it, it will change its route and begin to slowly swim towards the ship. Once inside, the Mechanical Emissary will locate its targets and make its way towards the crew, destroying any doors that block its path. Once it is in the line of sight of its fleshy victims, it will employ the shotgun attached to its arm to shoot barrages of bullets at them, and will move and jump around to dodge projectiles shot at it.


Park the submarine near the Ambassador and assign the most well-armed crewmembers to a defensive position, to take care of The Emissaries. The gunner must not be interrupted, as he will have to continuously chip away at The Ambassador's health, and possibly shoot down Emissaries before they arrive. One last crewmember should constantly repair to avoid overflooding. Players standing directly on top of the Mechanical Emissary will be not able to be hit by it, allowing them to chip away at their high health pool.

Description Mechanical Abyss
Enemies Roaming Enemies Mechanical Shark •  Mechanical Vessel (Mechanical Hunter) •  Nerve Beast (Awakened Mode only) •  Oil Spitter
Cave Enemies Mechanical Fish •  Trash Compactor
Submarine Interior Enemies Mechanical Hunter •  Trash Compactor
Boss The Ambassador •  (Mechanical Emissary)
Obstacles Mechanical Eye •  Mechanical Turret •  Mechanical Mine
Civilization Hub Mechanical Dome
Dwellers Reborn Ones •  Repaired One
Recruit Mechanical Runt
Related Affliction(s) Drowning Oil Drench
Other Blood Sickness