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Health(int.) 50
Biome Aurelian Depths
Appearance cave

The Manowar is an uncommon enemy found in the caves of the Aurelian Depths.


The manowar is a colonial hydrozoan made up of specialized individual animals (of the same species) called zooids or polyps. In The Living Infinite, they are much larger and do not float, instead preferring to crawl along the ground using its tentacles, and will attack by attaching itself to the heads of its unfortunate prey and then slowly killing them as they are unable to fight back.


The Manowar will slowly crawl towards the player and, once it gets close enough, it will attach itself to their head and begin to slowly deal damage to the player until it is removed. The player being attacked will be unable to damage it, other than through the use of certain Items, and will need to seek aid from their crewmates.

Description Aurelian Depths
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Cave Enemies Angel Fish •  Crystal Bug •  Manowar
Submarine Interior Enemies Crystal Boarder (Awakened Mode only)
Boss The Ephyra
Obstacles Jelly Crystal •  Lion Mane Jellyfish
Civilization Hub Jelly Temple
Dwellers Aurelias •  Blessed Aurelia
Recruit Essence
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