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The lore of We Need to go Deeper runs very deep, though many aspects are still unknown. Much of this is incomplete, and will be updated over time.


The lore of The Living Infinite is extremely complicated. A majority of the biomes do have some sort of story component, though some have more than others. Much of the game’s lore is found within the Message Bottles and Relics found within the various biomes. Much of this is speculation, and has not been proven as canon.

Atlantic Waters[]

The Atlantic Waters contain the Atlantean Ruins and in turn the Atlanteans.

Frozen Waters[]

Pheobus T. Ashesgrash[]

Pheobus T. Ashesgrash is mentioned in several different Message Bottles, seven in all. These include:

When read in the correct, chronological order, these Message Bottles spell out the journey and inevitable fate of Ashesgrash. Ashesgrash was attempting a solo journey into The Living Infinite, and began in the Frozen Waters. This is suggested by his multiple remarks on how cold the water was and gaining Hypothermia. Eventually, an unknown creature boarded Ashesgrash’s Submarine, though he was unable to find it for several days. Eventually, however, he saw the creature, and noted that it looked identical to him. Later on, in So Many Naked Men, Ashesgrash states that the creature “multiplied”, forcing him to board himself in one of the rooms, likely the navigation room. Presumably, the creatures eventually breached this boarded room and killed him, as no more Message Bottles signed by Ashesgrash can be found.

It is likely that the unknown creature Ashesgrash saw was a Shifter in its mimic form, as it can be found in the Frozen Waters and is capable of mimicking a player. However, unlike a Shifter, this unknown creature was capable of multiplying, something that the Shifter is not known to do. Either multiple Shifters boarded Ashesgrash’s Submarine and went unnoticed, or perhaps this could be an alternate version of the Shifter. The evidence for this would be the Frozen Creature Relic, as it does appear similar to the Shifter and perhaps would’ve had similar abilities.

Cursed Waters[]

The Cursed Waters features a strange, voodoo like magic within nearly all of its creatures. Many of them possess a strange, orange gem socketed in one or both eyes. Interestingly, this gem is similar to the ones seen in the Scholars. This gem seems to give the skeletons of these creatures new life, though it is unknown how.

Dark Depths[]


Infected Depths[]

The Infected Depths is an alternate version of the Dark Depths, where a barnacle infection has taken over the entire biome. The origin of this barnacle comes from the Barnacle Hive, where the once scientists were conducting research. How the scientists got there is unknown, though they managed to set up a large laboratory there.

Victor F. Stein[]

According to the Isolation of Miescher Nuclein from Barnacle Message Bottle, one of the scientists was named Victor F. Stein. In addition to the aforementioned Message Bottle, Stein is also mentioned in the Loading Miescher Nuclein into Tobacco Mosaic Virus Message Bottle. Putting these together appears to describe the process by which the barnacle was initially created. It appears that Stein extracted a nuclein from a barnacle sample, perhaps the same sample found in the Syringe Sample Relic, and later allowed it to fester and grow on seaweed rounds. According to the letter, it only took three days for the seaweed rounds to exceed their container space. Due to this, Stein could be blamed for the creation of the barnacle in the first place. What’s more, the Swan Neck Flask Relic has the initials “VFS” engraved on the underside. It would be a major coincidence for these same initials to not belong to Victor F. Stein.

Effect Of The Infection[]

The Scientists[]

After the barnacle inevitably exceeded its container space, it immediately began to infect everything around it, starting with the scientists that created it. Immediately they began to be consumed, and were seemingly unable to prevent the infection from spreading. The barnacle began to consume their bodies and minds, affecting the females at a much more rapid pace than the males. This is shown in the much more extreme distortion of the body found within the females instead of the males. According to the barnacle people’s dialogue, they are convinced that they live in a utopian society, and appear to worship The Hive as their queen. It appears to be implied that The Hive does, in fact, speak directly into the minds of the former scientists. Either this, or the scientists are purely mad. Or, perhaps more likely, both.

The Barnacle Doctor[]

There is some proof that Victor F. Stein may not have been fully consumed by the barnacle. It is possible that Stein is the doctor found within the Barnacle Hive. This is suggested by how Stein created the barnacle, so is likely that he also attempted to develop a cure for it. From there he may have attempted to cure himself and his colleagues, however somehow he failed. This could be due to the rapid pace of the barnacle’s consumption of the body, or perhaps the cure being very ineffective. However, it is also possible that Stein chose to not share the cure, and only gave it to himself. While it was clearly unable to prevent his body being consumed, it was able to stall the infection from reaching his mind. This would explain how the other scientists within the Barnacle Hive have been completely taken over, while the doctor has somewhat maintained his sanity. If this were true, then this would prove that his cure was indeed unable to cure the infection, but was able to stall it. This is also supported by when the Civilization is attacked, the doctor’s transformation is completed, due to the mind of The Hive calling to him and finally consuming him.

The Creatures[]

After the infection escaped the lab, it immediately began to infect the local wildlife. From there it morphed them in strange, unexplained ways. After this process was complete, the former recognizable creatures of the Dark Depths become completely redesigned to serve The Hive.

The Hive[]

It is unknown how The Hive was formed, though it may be due to a strange amalgamation of barnacles coming together to form it. The Hive is designed to generate large amounts of Barnacle Mines, which in turn appear to serve as the eggs for the various creatures of the Infected Depths. It is implied by the former scientists of the Barnacle Hive that The Hive speaks directly into the minds of all of them, perhaps also including the various creatures as well. If this were true, it could be expected that the various creatures of the Infected Depths serve only their queen, and have no conscious of their own.

Micro Depths[]


Volcanic Depths[]


Aurelian Depths[]


Ancient Abyss[]


Mechanical Abyss[]

The Mechanical Abyss is an alternate, dystopian version of the Ancient Abyss, which has been overcome by a strange mechanical uprising. Some strange, powerful technology has taken over and consumed the minds and bodies of the various creatures and flora of the Ancient Abyss.

Origin of the Uprising[]

The origin of the mechanical uprising can be traced back to the Dome Hub found in the Ancient Abyss. At one point in the past, the Egyptians called the Dome Hub their home, and, seeing no need to evolve from their accustomed lifestyle with their limited technology, lived in peace for some time. However, over time the dome began to crack, leading to the rapid development of the Egyptians' technology to attempt to create a solution. However, it seems likely that they created this technology haphazardly, and eventually created something completely beyond their control. This new technology was some sort of machinery capable of warping any living creature into an amalgamation of flesh and machine, with no in-between. However, the Egyptians had no time to deal with this new creation, as the dome was on its last limbs before finally cracking and ending their Civilization. Within their final moments, the Egyptians had to decide; accept this fate and drown, or choose to combine themselves with this new machinery. Out of pure desperation, they choose the latter, and let this machinery warp their bodies and minds into something completely unrecognizable through the process of rebirth. The result can be seen in the people of the Mechanical Dome, where the only difference in trait lies in their noses, the last remnant that differs their long-gone genders.

The Mechanical Dome[]

After the denizens of the Dome Hub had been fully consumed and redesigned, their once prosperous home was converted into the Mechanical Dome. The Reborn Ones populate this Civilization, and, while they resent living creatures as much as their leader, they are equally willing to utilize the spoils of Gold collected by those same travelers for their own gain. While it is unknown what this Gold is used for, it can only have ill intent. This comes in the forms of selling various Upgrades that are completely useless to them. The Reborn Ones are even willing to sell mercenaries that have unsuccessfully been rebirthed, and therefore worthless to their cause. As reminiscent as the Reborn Ones sound to the Barnacle People, they are partially unalike, as the majority of the Reborn Ones have complete control over their conscience. The exception to this is the Repaired One, who like the Mechanical Runt was unsuccessful in the rebirthing process. However, somehow it was redesigned into this Civilization’s Doctor, and is now a complete slave to its programming. In addition, the Mechanical Dome serves as a factory to serve and maintain The Ambassador and all of its creations, though through what means or process is unclear.

The Ambassador[]

The Ambassador is also known as the Great Machine, and it is the supposed leader and creator of the Mechanical Abyss’ armies. It is unknown how The Ambassador came to be, though it was likely created by a large amalgamation of machinery that somehow came together for one purpose: to “recycle” the matter of any and all living organisms who foolishly enter its domain. This is known as the process of rebirth, where an entity is stripped of any life giving functions or features, and is instead replaced with machine substitutes or replicas, as seen in the Mechanical Heart Relic. Using this process The Ambassador is capable of creating monstrosities best suited for the intentions of all creatures of the Mechanical Abyss as a whole; to warp any living creature into one of them. The Ambassador reserves only its most dangerous amalgamations for any mortals who dare challenge its dominance, known as the Mechanical Emissaries.

The Meteor[]


Doctor Moreau[]


The Time Traveler[]


Mobilis in Mobili[]


Captain Nemo[]


The Ancient One[]