We Need to go Deeper Wiki

In We Need to go Deeper you will play in three environments: In your submarine, in the biome your submarine dives through, and in underwater expeditions.

Interior of your Submarine[ | ]

See: Submarines

Here, you will repair dents, carry torpedoes and access the consoles your sub provides. But beware! Monsters such as the Barnacle Spider, Duopus, and Blob Fish can break in and cause havoc among your crew!

Exterior of your Submarine[ | ]

See: Biomes

The main view for helmsman and gunner. It's what's around your ship: Rocks, monsters, tons of water. Can be seen by using Active Consoles or using the Periscope, and can also be scouted using the Tactical View.

Caves[ | ]

See: Cave

From time to time, you will encounter underwater caves. Here, you can exit your submarine and go exploring by foot. Although filled with monsters, caves reward you with a lot of gold, new Items and even Relics!

Undersea Lairs[ | ]

See: Undersea Lair

Sometimes, you will come across branching paths and will be able to choose between a route with a cave or a route with an Undersea Lair. The Undersea Lair is a large arena with a deadly boss fight! If you and your crew manage to defeat it, however, you will be rewarded with a Crate containing a precious Upgrade!

Hermit Hovel[ | ]

See: Hermit Hovel

Sometimes, branching paths will lead to a Hermit Hovel, which are filth-coated gargantuan Sea Shells that have started appearing all across The Living Infinite's depths, housing within them large but friendly creatures known as Trash Hermits! Will they give you Potions, Items or that precious Upgrade, or useless Trash?

Underwater Civilizations[ | ]

See: Civilization

Underwater Civilizations are similar to caves. They have shops where you can spend the gold you have found on the current adventure or, if you feel you are strong enough, you can try to raid the residents and break the containers to steal the items for sale, but the residents will fight back and are capable of invading the Submarine!