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PowerSwitchMiddle.png This article is about the Jetpack. For the rusty version, see Trashed Jetpack.
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This new character upgrade grants you state-of-the-art hovering technology! Fly around your foes like some kind of futuristic pest!
~ Update Description

General Description[]

The Jetpack is a Player Upgrade that once picked up, will add a jetpack to the player character's back and will allow them to fly when pressing the jump key. The Jetpack features a slow, but gradual ascent upwards. The speed of the Jetpack increases as the player continues to go higher. This allows players to navigate normally tough to reach areas, such as parts of Caves or Undersea Lairs much easier. In addition, combined with a ranged weapon combat becomes significantly easier, as players will be able to avoid taking Damage while still being able to dish it out themselves. It can also make navigating around the Submarine much easier, especially for repairmen. Players are able to have both a Jetpack and a Backpack equipped at the same time, cutting out the need to choose between the two.