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Health(ext.) 1
Biome Aurelian Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Jellyfritz is an uncommon enemy found in the Aurelian Depths.


The Jellyfritz is a blue jellyfish capable of producing Eletromagnetic Pulses (EMPs). It has an spiral filament inside it, similar to that of some light bulbs, as well as 4 stubby tentacles. Additionally, its entire body emits visible electrical currents, which serve as a visual warning about this creature's distinctive abilities.


This creature does not pose any direct threat to your submarine, however it has an EMP at its disposal, which it will create should it die or make contact with the Submarine This EMP does a small amount of damage and has a medium sized radius. When used the Jellyfritz faints, and if your submarine enters the EMP's radius it will be temporarily deactivate all power and prevent any power consoles of being used, similarly as to when you utilise your own EMP. Although the effect lasts for a shorter duration than when using the submarine's EMP, it is still enough for other creatures to deal considerable damage to the vessel.


Due to the low radius and possibility of activation from quite some distance, it is not too difficult to prevent being hit by the pulse if you are careful. The Jellyfritz will commonly activate its EMP before you can kill it using guns, but will notably die after use. It is worth noting an interesting feature about this creature, and that is the fact that its EMP does damage to enemies around it, which may be used to your advantage.

Description Aurelian Depths
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