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Items in We Need to Go Deeper are a variety of tools and weapons that can be found in the game world in Lootable Bodies. Once unlocked through Ranking Up, it can later be bought for immediate use in The Catalog. Special, less useful Items called Trash Items can be given by the Trash Hermit.

Initially, only 1 Item can be carried at the same time, but once the player finds a Backpack, they can carry 2 Items and switch between them with the right mouse button.

It's worth noting that Elixirs can improve repair and damage values. Additionally, any item that is swung can be charged to release an attack that deals 1.8x as much damage or repair points.

Repair Tools[ | ]

Item Icon Item Name Rank Unlocked Repair




Item Description Item


ItemIconsWRENCH Wrench Landlubber 1 10 7 No team should be without one! Keeps

the submarine in ship-shape. Good for

not drowning and not exploding.

Unlocked at start
ItemIconsMONKEYWRENCH Monkey Wrench Buccaneer 1 7 7 Boost your acrobatic abilities with this genuine monkey wrench! 1,000 Gold
ItemIconsPIPEWRENCH Pipe Wrench Cabineer 1 7 15 A wrench for the fighting man - slower

repairs, but it packs a whallop!

1,000 Gold
ItemIconsRIVETGUN Rivet Gun Sailor 1 30 5 Repair leaks and dents from afar with the amazing Rivet Gun! Warning: Do not point at face. 5,500 Gold

Weapons[ | ]

Item Icon Item Name Rank Unlocked Damage


Item Description Item


ItemIconsSWORD Sword Landlubber 2 24 Slice and dice your foes with this simple

but powerful old fashioned weapon!

1,500 Gold
ItemIconsFLINTLOCK Flintlock Lackey 1 40 Shoot down pesky creatures with this

state-of-the-art shooting technology!

2,000 Gold
ItemIconsRevolver Six-Shooter Landlubber 4 10 The fastest gun in the West. It may

not be powerful, but it's quick-shootin' with 6 whole rounds before needing to reload!

2,000 Gold
ItemIconsTESLAGUN Tesla Gun Quarter Master 1 20-40 Invented by the famous inventor Nikola himself, the Tesla Gun packs an electric charge that can really deal some damage.
Charge up and release powerful clusters of electric energy at your foes!
9,500 Gold
ItemIconsDYNAMITE Dynamite Captain 1 150 Blow up your enemies! Just be sure not to destroy your friends and sink the submarine in the process. Has the ability to destroy doors within any submarine. 9,500 Gold
ItemIconsBUTCHERKNIFE Butcher Knife Lackey 3 15 This fine piece of cutlery can chop up any foe into fine, edible pieces of sea food! 2,000 Gold
ItemIconsPICKAXE Pickaxe Sailor 3 15 Mine sweet, sweet riches from the bodies of your enemies! 9,500 Gold
ItemIconsELDRITCHSTAFF Eldritch Staff N/A 60 Uses ancient magic to cast powerful homing projectiles.

WARNING: Magic is dangerous and can cause unwanted effects.



PowerSwordFakeIcon Power Sword Not unlocked; found only in Awakened Mode. 150(?) N/A

Cannot be taken in the player's starting loadout.

Cannot be unlocked

Support[ | ]

Item Icon Item Name Rank Unlocked Repair Value Heals Damage


Item Description Item


ItemIconsSYRINGE Syringe Diver 1 0 1 15 Perform healing blood transfusions with this medical marvel!

WARNING: Needles are sharp and sometimes hurt!

10% chance to cause 2 damage to crewmates.



ItemIconsMEDICAL MedKit Landlubber 3 0 1 1 Keep your crew in tip top shape with this marvelous kit of medical supplies! Also gets fallen crew on their feet much quicker. 2,000 Gold
ItemIconsPLIERS Pliers Buccaneer 4 7 1 7 Repair and heal with this handy dental tool! Warning: This may hurt a little.

10% chance to cause 2 damage to team mates.

2,500 Gold
ItemIconsFLASK Chemistry Kit First Mate 1 0 3 40 Create various scientific concoctions of various levels of usefulness with this all-in-one chemistry set! 3,500 Gold
ItemIconsWATERFILTER Water Pump Deck Swab 1 0 0 0 Pump and convert water out of your ship and into harmless steam using this state-of-the-art pumping technology! 5,500 Gold
ItemIconsCRANK Tesla Crank Quarter Master 3 0 0 15-45 Become a mobile power supply! 10,000 Gold

Miscellaneous[ | ]

Item Icon Item


Rank Unlocked Repair


Heals Damage


Description Purpose Item


ItemIconsPHONOGRAPH Phonograph Captain 5 0 0 0 This bulky fella will let you expose your crew mates to the joys and wonders of classical music! Your whole team will appreciate your supportive tunes backing the score to them fending for their lives! Allows you to play Music while diving with your crew. Increased chances of the Time Traveller


5,000 Gold
ItemIconsROSE Rose First Mate 4 0 0 1 Show loved ones you care about them with this beautiful rose! No more Health Penalty after Death. 10,000 Gold
ItemIconsTRANSCRIBE Translation Book Crew Mate 1 0 0 0 Can't understand civilizations? Have a read! Translate civilization dweller dialogue, reduces shop prices by 50%. 1,000 Gold
ItemIconsWEDDINGRINGS Wedding Ring Sailor 1 0 0 10 Share health till death do you part! Marry other players to merge your health, allowing multiple different tactics and flexibility through the use of other items. 6,000 Gold
ItemIconsATOMRAY Atom Ray Acolyte 2 0 0 0 Shrink or enlarge the very atomic structures of foes, or friends! Allows players to enlarge or shrink various objects and enemies, including themselves and other players. This increases or decreases their hitboxes. 9,500 Gold