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Infected Depths
Layer 2
Light level Dark
Civilization Barnacle Hive
Boss The Hive


The infected Depths is a truly spine-chilling environment, home to a vile Barnacle Infection that has transformed the biome and its wildlife, converting them into twisted monsters whose sole purpose is to proliferate and further spread the infection. The visibility is limited in this biome, and while you are still able of seeing without lights, you can see very little, a fact worsened by how the Barnacle creatures tend to have a very dark coloration. Allocating power to the lights is thusly advised. The boss of the Infected Depths is The Hive.


The Barnacle Infection was created by a Secret Underwater Laboratory. It's experiments, however, backfired greatly, and the barnacles spreaded quickly, overruning the laboratory and its occupants, and later the entire biome, and slowly mutating them into twisted, barnacle encrusted abominations, bent only into proliferating and extending the reach of the Barnacle Infection and its hive.


The purple water of this biome is riddled with larvae. Too much of it will cause Wall barnacles to grow on the walls of the submarine. These will grow and pop at different sizes, spawning different stages of the Barnacle Spider. The water or Wall Barnacles should be cleared to avoid getting overrun. Additionally, ingesting this biome's contaminated water can cause you to contract the Barnacle Infection, creating a small barnacle colony overruning your face, and making Stage 1 Barnacle Spiders periodically hatch from your very mouth!


Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Barnacle Mine Infected Depths Exterior
Barnacle Harvester Infected Depths Exterior
Barnacle Biter Infected Depths Exterior
Barnacle Maw Infected Depths Exterior
Barnacle Grabber Infected Depths Exterior/Interior
Fungi Infected Depths (Only in Awakened Mode.) Interior
Barnacle Spider Stage 1 Infected Depths Interior/Cave
Barnacle Spider Stage 2 Infected Depths Interior/Cave
Barnacle Spider Stage 3 Infected Depths Interior/Cave
Barnacle Snail Infected Depths Cave
Barnacle Clam Infected Depths Cave
Barnacle Hatcher Infected Depths Cave


At the bottom of the infected depths lays The Hive.


This biome's civilization is the Barnacle Hive, an infected laboratory populated by the insane Barnacle People.

Description Infected Depths
Enemies Roaming Enemies Barnacle Biter •  Barnacle Maw •  Barnacle Grabber
Cave Enemies Barnacle Spider •  Barnacle Snail •  Barnacle Clam •  Barnacle Hatcher
Boss The Hive
Obstacles Seaweeds •  Barnacle Mine •  Barnacle Harvester
Civilization Hub Barnacle Hive
Dwellers Barnacle People •  Barnacle Doctor
Recruit Barnacle Assistant