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A Hermit Hovel in the Atlantic Waters.

Hermit Hovels are located randomly throughout your map, and are able to be entered by steering your sub into the shell's hole. Once inside you can disembark through the hatch located in your submarine. Hovels are simply made of a very large room containing the Trash Hermit and its filthy collection. Here, you may get gifts from this docile behemoth, but not everything he gives you is going to be useful.

Trash Hermit[]

Trash Hermit
Health(int.) N/A
Biome All
Appearance Hermit Hovel

The Trash Hermit inhabits the Hermit Hovel.


The Trash Hermit (sometimes called Trash Crab) is a huge decapod that is closely related to the Hermit Crab. Unlike his smaller counterpart, however, this species have developed sentience and an unconventional hobby: collecting trash. They settle in gigantic, towering Sea Shells of unknown origin, with more than enough free room for them to fill with their filthy collection. They do seem to have low intelligence, only being capable of speaking in broken english, but they are happy to share their collection, and will happily greet any visitor and reward their company with some of its beloved trash. They do not seem to know the value or uses of their trash, and may give something incredible, such as an Upgrade, or useless garbage or broken Items.


The Trash Hermit is completely immobile, but is very welcoming to visitors. Once their lair is entered, they will greet their new friends and will give them 3 random gifts, whose usefulness can range from being very valuable, to completely useless, to actually harmful. Afterwards, it will hide its head in the trash and go to sleep.

Trash Crab's gifts[]

Gift Probability General characteristics
Garbage Likely Have no real purpose and will simply litter the floor.
Trash Item Likely Are worse versions of normal Items.
Waste Barrels Unlikely Adds an effect to the player's roll.
Item Unlikely Can be picked up and used for multiple purposes.
Battery Unlikely Can be used in a Console to temporarily increase its power.
Potion Very unlikely Will Increase a stat.
Upgrades Very Unlikely Increases a Submarine stat.
Torpedo Upgrades Very Unlikely Improves the effectiveness of the torpedoes in different ways
Turret Modifiers Very Unlikely Modifies the Minigun in different ways
Lit Dynamite stick Very Unlikely Will explode shortly, dealing 4 damage to anyone caught in its blast radius
Garbage Attire Very Unlikely Once collected, will unlock their respective attire. Can be a Trash Hat or a Trash Suit.

Trash Crab's dialogue[]

(The dialogue is generated randomly using a Greeting piece, Conversation piece and Ending piece from the lists below)

  • You seems like good little peoples.
  • You's looking for some traaaash?
  • I bets you's lookin' for some traaaaash...
  • Yous? Yous could use some good traaaash...
  • Come ova here little guys...
  • Ohhh boy I'm in a great big ol'...
  • I gots some traaaaaash here.
  • I gots some new traaaaash here.
  • Hey I'm waaaalkin' here. Just kiddin' I'm a trash crab.
  • It's traaaaash time.
  • Yous? Yous could use some good traaaash.
  • One man's trash is another man's traaaash...
  • I'm a traaaash craaaab.
  • Hi theres little ones.
  • Wowie this is some good trash.

  • You gets... 3 pieces of traaaash.
  • This traaaaaash is for yous.
  • I'm gonna gives yous... 3 pieces of traaaash.
  • I can spares... 3 pieces of traaaash.
  • I'm jigglin' some traaaash for yous.
  • Yous can haves... Ohhh, 3 pieces of traaaash.
  • Lemme shake out some traaaash for yous.
  • Incomin' traaaaaaash!
  • For yous? 3 pieces of traaaash.

  • Bye there little peoples...
  • Okay bye bye nows.
  • Traaaaaaash...
  • Nothin' beats fine traaaaash...
  • That's all yous gonna gets.
  • Don't spends it all in one place.
  • You ain't gettin' any mores.
  • Yous better enjoy that traaaash now.
  • We hads a good time.
  • You have a good rest of yous days now.
  • I'm gonna go back to enjoying this traaaash.
  • Back to the pile...

  • Trivia[]

    • The Skeletons it may gift are the skeletons of the game's developers: Jordan, Ryan, Nick and David.
    • The Books it may gift are called "Call of Cthulhu", "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "The Time Machine". Each of those is a real life book.
    • According to the artbook from the Buried Treasure DLC, the Trash Hermit's face takes inspiration from Danny DeVito, an American actor.
    • According to the developers, "canonically, the Trash Hermit is a communist."