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Health is the main reason things don't die instantly in The Living Infinite. There are three main differences: Sub health, player health and enemy health.

Submarine Health[]

Depending on your submarine, you start with 30 to 60 hull points.
Upon taking damage, the submarine will get dents and holes of different sizes, which will start filling the interior with water. When you fix a dent or a hole completely, the hull integrity gets restored. If your submarine health goes down to zero, your vessel will begin a countdown and the interior will light red. Should you and your crew not be able to repair enough Hull in time, the ship will inevitably explode, which ends the match and brings you to the Death Screen.
It is possible to raise your maximum hull integrity with Hull Upgrades. Each upgrade raises the maximum by 10 points.

Player health[]

Each player starts with 10 health points. You can take damage directly from enemies in the submarine or in caves, as well as from drowning, being in contact with water in the Volcanic Depths or by being stabbed from sharp-nosed sea monsters through the hull. Players can be healed by health potions, the medkit, red chemistry flasks or by simply laying in bed. When a player's health reaches zero, that player dies, leaving behind a skeleton. They can be revived, but each death reduces the players maximum health by one point. When your maximum health reaches two, you can't reduce it further. One way to raise your max health is to find Health Potions inside barrels found in caves. Additionally, should all players, Crew Bots, and recruited Crew NPCs die, the match will end and every player will be brought to the Death Screen.

Enemy Health[]

Enemies are divided into exterior enemies (swim around the sub) and interior enemies (in the sub and in caves):

Exterior Enemies[]

They swim around the sub and attack it or try to break in. You can fend them off by shooting them with torpedoes. It doesn't make a difference if you get a direct hit or if an enemy is too close to the explosion, which gives you the opportunity for awesome multikills. As a rule of thumb:

  • Small enemies take 1 or 2 hits
  • Medium sized enemies take 2 or 3 hits
  • Big enemies take 3 up to 6 hits
  • Bosses take a lot of hits, multiplied by the amount of players in your crew

The exact numbers can be found on the respective wiki pages. If not: Add them!

Hitting enemies with the turret deals a lot less damage (Torpedo:10 points, Bullet: 1 Point), but you have unlimited ammunition and a better rate of fire.

Interior Enemies[]

The enemies you will encounter in caves or your submarine have a wide range of health points and can be fought with a wide range of Items. Sometimes, enemies can spawn as Mini-bosses, having heavily increased stats, different sizes and their own name and title. Complying to common sense, items that can be counted as weapons in real life are usually better at cracking crab carapaces than a flower. Again: Exact numbers for health of enemies or the damage of items can be found on the respective pages.