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A poor soul having shimmering crystals sprout from their very flesh

The Golden Gift is one of many Afflictions you can get in We Need To Go Deeper by ingesting water while drowning. Having the Golden Gift, the character will have Jelly Crystals start growing and protuding out of their skin, receiving a slight health increase of two thanks to the mystical, life-giving properties of said gems, but also considerable Stat penalties, due to their joints hardening and their lungs shrivelling under the power of the Golden Gift.


The Golden Gift is a unique affliction that players can receive from constant exposure to the powerful, supernatural waters of the Aurelian Depths, once a character is afflicted, mystical Jelly Crystals will start growing and protuding from their very flesh. Their body's vigor, however, will not suffer much harm from its newfound condition, instead receiving a slight health boost from these life-giving crystals.

The real downside to this affliction, however, is the sizeable Stat penalty it will give for almost every other stat, for as the crystals grow, your joints harden and weaken, and you will find yourself unable to properly swing your arms, and your lungs themselves will shrivel under the power of the Golden Gift, which although may not be much of a problem in the Aurelian Depths, should you leave this biome uncured, you will be unable to hold your breath underwater for long. Specifically, Repair, Damage, and Breath will be decreased by two and movement speed will be reduced by 20%.


Here are the current sources you can contract Golden Gift from: