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Frozen Waters
Layer 1
Light level Bright
Civilization Odobenus Ice Cave
Boss The Pale Whale


The Frozen Waters is one of the shallow ocean biomes, together with The Atlantic Waters and The Cursed Waters, the water is fresh and light of color, and features the extremely low temperatures that give the biome its name. Many different animals dwell in these waters, each of them featuring adaptations to survive the unforgiving environment, and their aggressiveness only matches the danger they pose. The boss of the Frozen Waters is The Pale Whale.


The water in the frozen waters is very cold, and it will cause the doors in the sub to freeze over, and lock down. In order to unlock these doors again, the players need to hit the ice until it breaks. The cold water can also cause Hypothermia.


Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Orca Swim Closed NEW 05.png
Orca Frozen Waters Exterior
NarwhalSwim 04.png
Narwhal Frozen Waters Exterior
SquidSquim 04.png
Arctic Squid Frozen Waters Exterior/Interior
Penguin Frozen Waters Exterior/Interior
Shifter Frozen Waters (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior/Interior
Char Fish Frozen Waters Exterior
Arctic Shrimp Frozen Waters Cave
Snow Crab Frozen Waters Cave
Egg Pile Frozen Waters Cave


This biome's civilization is the Odobenus Ice Cave, an ice cave populated by the developing Odobenians.

Description Frozen Waters
Enemies Roaming Enemies Arctic Squid •  Char Fish •  Narwhal •  Orca •  Penguin •  Shifter (Mimic, Spider Mimic) (Awakened Mode only)
Cave Enemies Arctic Shrimp •  Clam •  Egg Pile •  Snow Crab
Submarine Interior Enemies Penguin •  Shifter (Mimic, Spider Mimic) (Awakened Mode only)
Boss The Pale Whale
Obstacles Ice Crystal •  Shifter Encased Ice Crystal (Awakened Mode only)
Civilization Hub Odobenus Ice Cave
Dwellers Odobenians •  Odobenian Visionary
Recruit Yeti Crab
Related Affliction(s) Drowning Hypothermia