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Experience, measured in Experience Points (XP) is a value used to track your overall game experience. You need it to earn new Ranks to unlock new Items and Attire!

Aquiring experience[]

Experience is only gained through playing. Primarily, every fathom of depth you cover get's translated directly to XP. Also you gain additional XP through most actions in the game. However, additional XP gain per action is capped at 10% of the XP gained through Depth! XP is shared for all of the crew, so it doesn't matter who does what as long as somebody does it.


Level Up Screen.png
Action XP
Diving 1 fathom 1
Loading a torpedo 3.3
Repairing a Dent or Breach 8.3
Healing a crewmate 5
Reviving a crewmate 55
Killing an enemy 4.167
Killing a boss 50
Upgrading the Submarine 100
Drinking a Potion 100
Recruit a crewmate from a Civilization 250
Going through the Time Loop 500