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The Expeditions in We Need to go Deeper

Expeditions refer to "parking" areas in our game like caves, lairs, and civilizations. We internally call them expeditions since they're areas you set out on foot on a mini "expedition" so to speak.
~ Nick Lives

List Of Expeditions[]

From time to time, you will encounter underwater caves. Here, you can exit your submarine and go exploring by foot. Although filled with monsters, caves reward you with a lot of gold, new Items and even Relics!

Sometimes, you will come across branching paths and will be able to choose between a route with a cave or a route with an Undersea Lair. The Undersea Lair is a large arena with a deadly boss fight! If you and your crew manage to defeat it, however, you will be rewarded with a Crate containing a precious Upgrade!

Sometimes, branching paths will lead to a Hermit Hovel, which are filth-coated gargantuan Sea Shells that have started appearing all across The Living Infinite's depths, housing within them large but friendly creatures known as Trash Hermits! Will they give you Potions, Items or that precious Upgrade, or useless Trash?

Underwater Civilizations are similar to caves. They have shops where you can spend the gold you have found on the current adventure or, if you feel you are strong enough, you can try to raid the residents and break the containers to steal the items for sale, but the residents will fight back and are capable of invading the Submarine!

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Special Expeditions[]

The following Expeditions are only found in the Last Biome and as such contain heavy spoilers. They are also unique because they are not accessed like conventional Expeditions, and don't necessarily yield rewards.

The Space of Scholars is accessed only after awakening The Ancient One. A mysterious part of the cosmos that is home to the Scholars, it is where they give you their final advice, and inform of the consequences of what you have done, as well as cryptic hints about the Lore of the universe, and the umphatomable knowledge they have attained.

The Moon is accessed after accidentally being caught in a Space Portal. Trapped in there, you must fight The Lunar Guardian to reopen the portal and be able return to the insides of Earth, or perish in a place far beyond most of humanity has ever reached, and paint the cosmos in crimson red.

The Insides of The Ancient One, the birthplace of life as well as its ultimate destroyer. An Altar rests at the center, awaiting something to be replaced. All hope for humanity rests on returning the Being to slumber. Will you be able to save it, or lead the universe to its ultimate doom?