Dark Depths

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Dark Depths
Layer 2
Light level Very dark
Civilization Whale Carcass
Boss The Sightless
The Dark Depths, but with the lights switched off.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Dark Depths is a dark and gloomy biome, with a variety of bioluminescent enemies, adapted to living in an environment where most light cannot penetrate, with a variety of unique abilities and characteristics that allow them to survive in such an environment that heavily encourages predation. You cannot see anything without allocating power to the submarine lights, although most enemies produce light, which can facilitate identifying the location of said creatures. This biome can appear as the second level. The boss of the Dark Depths is The Sightless

Water[edit | edit source]

The dark blue water of the Dark Depths carries no special effects, other than being very dark in the exterior due to the high depths, which disallow most of the light from penetrating into the biome. The water may also inflict Sea Sickness if a crewmember swallows too much water.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Bobbit Worm Dark Depths Exterior
Grenadier Dark Depths Exterior
Angler Fish Dark Depths Exterior
Sick Angler Fish Dark Depths Exterior
Goblin Shark Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
Camopus Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
Macrourus Dark Depths Exterior
Lure Dark Depths (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior
Baby Lamprey Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
Blobfish Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
Snail Dark Depths Cave
Snail Mound Dark Depths Cave
StargazerPreview.png Stargazer Dark Depths Cave

Civilization[edit | edit source]

This biome's civilization is the Whale Carcass, a deceased whale body populated by the quirky Sentient Lampreys.

Description Dark Depths
Enemies Roaming Enemies Grenadier •  Angler Fish (Sick) •  Goblin Shark •  Camopus •  Baby Lamprey •  Blobfish •  Macrourus
Cave Enemies Snail •  Clam •  Snail Mound •  Stargazer
Boss The Sightless
Obstacles Seaweeds •  Bobbit Worm
Civilization Hub Whale Carcass
Dwellers Sentient Lampreys •  Lamprey Elder
Recruit Meat Golem