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Crystal Boarder

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BiomeAurelian Depths

BiomeAurelian Depths

The Crystal Boarder is a common enemy found in the Aurelian Depths in Awakened Mode.


The Crystal Boarder is small, green crystal while on the exterior of the Submarine. It features no interesting characteristics in the slightest, but due to their small size they can be hard to spot. While inside the Submarine, the Crystal Boarder features a similar look to the Crystal Nest, with some differences. They also only have a single large eye, but are only composed of one crystal and do have short tentacles.


Crystal Boarders are sent out by the Crystal Nest. They will fly towards the Submarine, attempting to board it. Unlike their Crystal Nest parent, they move very quickly, and will easily keep up with the Submarine. Due to both their small size and speed, it can be difficult to kill them before they board the Submarine. Upon making contact with the Submarine they will board it, causing a hull breach for each one entered. Once inside they will seek out any Consoles that require power, such as the Navigation Console or the Weapon Control Console. Upon being in reach the Crystal Boarder will deactivate these consoles until they are killed. Crystal Boarders can also turn off the Power Switch, turning off all power in the Submarine. The deactivation of Consoles or power can potentially leave the crew in jeopardy, as the Submarine could be unable to move. While they do not seek out players, the Crystal Boarder is capable of attacking any players it comes into contact with. They do not attack very quickly or frequently however, and they have a small attack range. This makes it easy for players to avoid damage while killing them.

Description Aurelian Depths
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