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PowerSwitchMiddle.png This article is about the common Clam. For the Barncle version, see Barnacle Clam. For the Cursed and Ghost version, see Cursed Clam.
Health(int.) 100
Biome Atlantic Waters
Frozen Waters
Dark Depths
Volcanic Depths
Ancient Abyss
Appearance Interior

Clams are common enemies encountered in most undersea caves.


Clams are bivalve mollusks. In The Living Infinite, they have grown to an enormous size and are aggressive if attacked. They drop a Pearl upon death. They appear in all biomes but the Aurelian Depths, with a barnacle-infested version in the Infected Depths and a cursed version in the Cursed Waters.


Clams won't do anything unless a player attacks them. They are the one of the only enemies you can find in almost all biomes. Clams are very tough. You should not attack them if your health is low, as they are very durable. Killing clams is actually useful, since they drop a pearl upon death, which gives 30 gold when collected.